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Moscow Holy Fox Restaurant

Holy Fox is a bar and restaurant, ideally located in the heart of Moscow, close to the city center's kitay-gorod, near the Red Square. By Mikhail Kozlov.Inspired by oriental culture and culinary traditions, the restaurant name "Fox" comes from Asian mythology. This theme is also reflected in the restaurant: the menu (all cocktails are all named after the legendary fox); space inside the wall of the fox pattern flax pattern, the use of calligraphy graffiti form.
The restaurant structure is divided into three parts. Close to the entrance of the bar, the atmosphere relaxed and pleasant; the couch is located in the middle of the space, providing comfort; open kitchen with a public dining table, provided to the hope and the chef chat, eat less customers.
The interior of the space is a combination of Scandinavian minimalism and fresh Asian-style decorations such as fox-style screens, wild Japanese chefs, and various lighting systems. The restaurant menu also embodies such concepts as Asian-style simple cuisine, sophisticated cooking, seasonings and spices.
Space gray, beige tone, elegant and concise, with modern materials and furniture, to increase the space of the city vitality.


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