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Outdoor Furniture Trends

Outdoor Furniture Trends more attention to high quality life experience.
Fully meet the relaxation of the comfort for high-quality outdoor. "slow life experience" as the pursuit of consumers. 
2.privacy and openness compatible with the function.
Private, open, semi-developed outdoor furniture, closer to the user's psychological needs, functional compatibility and exchange of outdoor furniture products more market potential, pay more attention to outdoor and indoor space flexible conversion. 
QQ截图20170519175209.jpg more attention to outdoor furniture function.
Due to the limited conditions of outdoor lifestyle, lightweight, movable, multi-functional, combined outdoor furniture is more popular with the market. 
4.product design more natural and simple.
Outdoor furniture shape is still simple (simple decoration drawings), fashion natural taste mainly for people in the spare time of leisure life to enjoy and experience. 
5.hand-woven gradually to the large industrial production mode transition .




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