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Restaurant design share - China Chilcano

The restaurant is located in Washington, DC, and is designed with Chinese style and other styles to provide Chinese, Japanese and Peruvian cuisine. From Capella García Arquitectura.
Cultural integration: Designed by the menu on the fusion of cuisine inspired by the customer to show a fusion of Peru, China and Japan culture space. Design theme is different from the traditional folk, designers to contemporary and personal sex to integrate the restaurant, large restaurant warm and stylish, full of creative art.CDG furniture is a restaurant furniture manufacturers.
There is a street-like corridor and an industrial-style bar at the entrance to the restaurant. The contemporary frescoes on the decorative wall come from the works of the Peruvian artist Cecilia Paredes "Both Worlds", welcoming the arrival of people in a colorful and warm way. The main dining area is bigger and more formal, and a large round table is surrounded by bamboo. In addition, there are some smaller round tables and so on. The restaurant also offers comfortable sofas and Japanese-style tatami mats, etc., for guests to bring a more relaxed atmosphere. At the end of the restaurant, there are more private areas, with sour orange juice salted fish, which is a major food in Peru.
The neon lights at the top of the restaurant are inspired by the Nazca line, a monument in the southern Nazca area of Peru. The overall line concept is based on simple elements: recycled crates, suspended ladder on the ceiling, corrugated steel, glass tiles and wooden trusses, etc., to create a fine simple space. Huge windows, so that the space is more transparent and bright, while the indoor and outdoor connections, creating a lively atmosphere. The changing restaurant offers a wide range of options for a unique culinary experience.




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