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CDG furniture retro metal windsor chairs

Item No.: 728-H45-ST/ALU, 728M-H45-ST/ALU.
Enjoy a set of Windsor chairs to bring a retro look to your home with modern colors. These chairs are placed in your yard like an elegant model, with a unique Retro Finish, white, blue, green, pink, yellow, gray etc. soft colors meet together with your quiet, Comfortable, flourish flower and grass, so form a charming picture. CDG furniture is a metal furniture factory.Making a cup of coffee, sitting in the  yard, soon forget a full day fatigue. Or in the weekend, enjoy place a music, together with your lover, enjoy the rocking sunshine under the the leaves. Leading you feel full sigh of t human’s wisdom.
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The materials we use is steel or aluminium, so as to meet indoor and outdoor occasions such as the use of this metal texture of the chair sturdy and durable, easy to clean. Excellent choice of aluminum material, durable, easy to move and clean. CDG furniture is a dining set manufacturers.The point color design, is the complement of most color schemes. Place these comfortable and casual chairs in your office, dining area, yard or other place and enjoy the freshness of the new living space.
Structure with or without armrest and handrail two options. Size is big, sit very comfortable.
Feature:A set of 6 chairs and one table
Material: Aluminum or iron
Finish: Retro, multi-color
Style: Clear lines, for your living space to add fashionable retro style.




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