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The adornment style of household adornment and the collocation of wall paper

Nowadays, different decorate style reflects host different aesthetic idea. The selection of household chooses many people to choose different style, and the wall also wants to match accordingly. The selection of wallpaper is varied, the material, the pattern, the color will present a different personality. With the progress of social science and technology, the wallpaper that is suitable for interior metope adornment is a thousand kinds of appearance, a variety of flowers and colors are beautiful. Our demand for quality of life is also higher and higher, we have the requirement of the style of the home outfit, the adornment style of the blueprint and the collocation of the wall paper what is good?
Decoration style, the most important thing is to establish a tone in the room: it might be a chic children bedroom of rural style, full of tong qu, also may be the nature, return to natural or sweet, comfortable, full of recreational feeling in the living room, the bedroom of sweet, quiet, enthusiasm is bold and unrestrained entertainment places, etc... It is. Can say, decoration style design, basically reflects the owner's cultural taste and quality of life, and the design principle of public places around the characteristics of its own function. So once the adornment style is established, it is important to choose the appropriate wallpaper. After more than ten years of creation and development, the domestic wallpaper industry manufacturers are able to meet the demand of the market for various tastes and styles.
In contrast to Chinese style, the style of Chinese style is more pronounced. The choice of wallpaper style has a limitation, it is also Chinese style restoring ancient ways. But the choice is broader. Because of the popularity of Chinese wind, there are a lot of very beautiful vintage wallpaper products that can enhance the style of the whole house. For the Chinese wind, generally speaking, if the whole wall USES the wallpaper, you can refer to the above when it comes to Chinese wind restoring ancient ways, choose a few simple atmosphere is dark gray. But actually, the more popular now, is the wall white space, and then some use wallpaper. For example, the wallpaper of the calligraphy class, the wallpaper of the ancient Chinese landscape painting, will give the person more intense Chinese style feeling, promoted the artistic style.
The modern wind is the simplest and most common, but it is the test of success. In color, can choose furniture and metope coordinate, and choose the same color department, to build integral harmony. Also can choose a completely different color department, cause the collision of colour, also very have style. This depends on individual preferences and choices, and we don't do much about them. Here, what we want to emphasize is, actually if wallpaper is matched with the decoration of the home, it will create a very harmonious sense of space. The boughs of the boughs and the colorful branches of the table are reflected in the same picture. The tonal of the wallpaper simple and elegant make the setting on the table more lively, create a relatively quiet space at the same time. Reach the perfect echo of household product and wallpaper.
Finally, the cliche, is often overlooked is that no matter what kind of style, tie-in what kind of household, the quality of the wallpaper is very important. Often we care too much about the beauty of appearance while decorating, and ignore the inner quality. Quality poor wallpaper can cause a lot of hidden trouble, formaldehyde exceeds the standard, be prone to mold, use life short, affect family health, affect household life.


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