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The Art Of Subtle Branding In Restaurant Design

When you walk into a fast food restaurant, you may see it - branding elements at virtually every level. Whether it’s an obnoxiously large logo or a picture montage of the founder, some stores never want you to forget where you are. While in-your-face signage and messaging can improve brand recognition, it can also add a jarring element to the design. Often, the best kind of restaurant design and branding is subtle, revealing more about the brand's story with each new visit.
Here are a few restaurants and cafeterias where custom branding and restaurant design come together quite splendidly.
Brady Chairs are the perfect backdrop for the custom engraving on these Brady Communal Tables at Everytable in Los Angeles. On each table top, you'll find a custom engraving of people sharing bowls. Everytable is located in a culturally rich and diverse neighborhood, so the owners wanted signage everyone could understand. This personalized engraving is more than a communicative gesture, it's also a direct reflection of their mission to bring healthy and affordable food to everyone and every table.
Bentley University uses its signature bright blue on Siren Chairs and Barstools, providing the perfect pop of color for this prideful dining hall. The addition of the bold color on the lightweight chairs makes this practical space look both purposeful and pretty.
Using a subtle touch, this classic restaurant seating gets an updated, unique look with the help of a custom cut-out. Buffalo Wings & Rings opted to pay tribute to the “ring” in their name with the custom circular cut-outs on our Melissa Barstool. Small details like this are creative and cost-effective ways to reinforce a name.
To learn more about how we can help you to create a custom look, contact our sales team. For more information on the Everytable story, be sure to download our newest brochure below.
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