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Everyone wants to have a attic. We are here to share the attic of an industrial wind with you.


It has a high ceiling, rich natural lighting, and an enviable style working space with an original industrial wind. The fusion of its materials and fashionable design furniture has become a complex modern home, rustic functional wall, giving the space a natural warmth and visual appeal, and furniture adds an exquisite and clean appearance.


The combination of red and gray in the whole space, the perfect collocation of this color between warm and cool colors. If you want to try this, see if there are new works with strong lines in your furniture, and make sure that they are decorated in natural and neutral colors. We found that the CDG furniture industry wind furniture products, is very suitable for decorations in this space.


There is a very cool palette in the living room, with hints of red and warm brown tones. At the center of the room, we found the carpet, which contains a variety of grey hue designs. When you want a layer of rich texture, pattern, or color, a neutral carpet makes a solid foundation. Use it as a canvas for the rest of your room. In order to break the cold gray color, the interior designer chose the oak natural color bar chair, which made a sharp contrast to the white table in the kitchen.


The extra wooden wall of the living room gives every space a simple attraction. Balancing the strong colors of the walls, the designer adds a rustic sense to some modern elements, including adding a rotary stool and stool to the attic to add industrial elements, so that the whole loft highlights the taste of the industrial wind. CDG furniture has more than 100 kinds of industrial wind furniture, including chairs and tables, and you can find the favorite industrial wind furniture to decorate your attic.


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