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The combination of metal furniture and historical traces architecture

If the restaurant opened in the historical building, regardless of the taste of the dishes, only the years atmosphere can attract diners want to experience some, combine with some very rich sense of metal chair, Drink a cup of steaming coffee, it will make people feel in the picture.
The El Pintón Spanish restaurant, which was recently opened in an old building in the heart of Seville, is another model of organic integration of traditional architecture, as well as restaurant space and metal furniture.
Unlike many in-house restaurants, El Pintón's interior space is made up of multiple small spaces, which enrich the sense of space. 
Most of the furniture used in the restaurant is designed by Lucas y Hernández - Gil Arquitectos architects, and the lighting fixtures use handmade fixtures from architects and branded fixtures from Marset and the tradition. 
El Pintón restaurant is very rich in the selection of tables and chairs category, round table with a round table, square table square back chair, a variety of lines of bright chairs are placed in large and small space, like a chair museum. 




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