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The differences between European and American furniture

How to distinguish European furniture and American furniture Because Europeans are more traditional, in the furniture work are more stress, delicate. Americans pursue a leisurely attitude to life, feeling of home is comfortable, the second is easy. One of the American furniture lines sense is very smooth, the appearance of modeling is a leisure life.


European furniture and American furniture differences - European furniture

Pure European furniture generally refers to the use of the royal family of aristocratic furniture, this style of furniture after hundreds of years of evolution, still retains the most traditional features.


1, the lines are complex, pay attention to hand carving, CDG furniture is the characteristics of the brand made finishes. seiko spy, the pursuit of quality.

2, color bright: CDG furniture, are mamous of rich colors, although the mainly are antique, vintage, regro finishes, but rich and vivid color.

3, pay attention to decoration: whether it is "classical furniture" or "neo-classical furniture", usually see all kinds of embroidered cloth, tassels and Liu nails and other decorations.


European furniture and American furniture difference - American furniture

American furniture its distinctive features: luxurious, rich, grace, the atmosphere. The main reason for the formation of these features is the pride of the American people. So whether it is American classical furniture or American pastoral furniture has a sense of grace and elegance.


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