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The Gaston desk is perfect for small spaces

Don't you think this table is very charming? It has a very special design, a bit modern, but also a little rural. Surface color treatment is a popular antique treatment, this retro beauty makes it stand out. The desk is space saving and multifunctional, desktop and 3 drawers, can put a lot of things, the desk is directly mounted on the wall, concise, below the desktop space large enough, for the height of different groups of people, comfortable to use.
When it comes to installing desks on the wall, this is another interesting design. The table has a round shape. You can put down the upper part to show some hidden storage shelves, and put the compartment door into a workbench.
Many people want to store more items on their desks if you want a desk with drawers and shelves. The desk seems to have everything, with storage space.


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