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The geometry of the City Villa is very interesting

The geometry of common life, but skillfully used in the building, we are relatively rare, but a hotel is very special, this hotel is City Villa, its geometry is very interesting. This is a modern house, located in South africa. It is designed to be a collection of rectangular structures that are placed at the top of each other. Both sides of the cantilever form a terrace. A stone wall contrasts with concrete, adding textures and diversity to the design. The pool is rounded and square, with a strong modern feel. Various geometries are perfectly matched here. Is it necessary to contact the designer as a mathematician?
The spacious hall, the lighting is very large, the hall uses the same color sofa, and a pair of murals, perfect match.CDG furniture is a hotel furniture manufacturers.
Other contrasting elements include brass front door, which is custom designed. Special brass shows and other elements, brought out of the ordinary feelings.




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