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The Industrial Style and office

Presumably everyone has heard the the creative work of Opera Poland branch.


IT companies often need creative and novelty as a trigger point for employees to provide inspiration source. In this case, it is the Polish branch of the famous Norwegian browser company Opera Software company, the designer get the city's context into the design, to create a background and light-hearted office space. Every design has a unique consideration, each design inspiration is traceable.



The company's front desk area is very open, with a complete and comfortable reception function. The Opera's logo were shown with the common round lights, and echoing with the ceiling lights. See Figure 1, 2


Seemingly random real rule of the floor design, in fact, it is Wroclaw regional map,  The overall space is not too much decoration, very neat, very modern. See Figure 3


Everywhere the black iron and architecture, inspired by the Wroclaw bridge architecture. Because there are 100 bridges in the city of Wroclaw, which is also a symbol of the city with the characteristics. See Figure 4


Overall, the city of Wroclaw brought the designer a lot of inspiration. And in considering the preferences of employees and urban atmosphere, they will eventually set the style of space as industrial style, that is, LOFT style-based. To be continued.







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