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The Lucy Chair

The Lucy Chair, designed by Darlene Molnar, pays homage to the late Poul Kjaerholm’s iconic PK22 lounge chair. Putting a new spin on Kjaerholm’s design, Molnar created the chair out of solid wood. In keeping with the iconic steel version, the Lucy Chair seeks to engage the room and draw the eye into the space. The chair features a 1.5mm thin sheet of plywood that’s been laser cut and bent into the frame. Appearing to float above the frame, the seat and back create shadow patterns when hit with direct light. Perfect for an outdoor patio or garden.
The Lucy Chair seeks to engage the room by drawing the eye from the chair outward into the space. The chair features a 1.5mm sheet of airplane plywood that has been laser cut and bent into the frame. The Lucy Chair was born out of restriction and experimentation. Restriction being the defined material, solid wood, and its innate properties and capabilities. Experimentation being the technique of using an extremely thin piece of cut,bent plywood as the support and manelement of a chair.CDG furniture is a designer chair manufacturers.
The Lucy chair is the proverbial zany redhead (well orange-head that also comes in white and peacock blue). A force to be reigned in. Ethel, the voice of reason, is her reliable, stately counterpart. A dynamic duo by any measure, as design objects these chairs can stand alone but achieve balance together. Decide which one you are, ?or perhaps you are a little bit of both. The chair shape cradles your body and is perfect around the dinning table, sit at a desk, or at the card table.CDG furniture is a designer chair factory.
Cleaning: Metal furniture can be cleaned using either clean water or water containing a non-detergent soap. The furniture should then be wiped dry. Abrasive sponges should not be used to scrub the furniture, and no abrasive powders or other types of detergent should be used.
Scratches and Rust: Any scratches should be quickly treated. If rust begins to appear as a result of a scratch or bump, apply an anti-rust product such as Rustoleum; as quickly as possible, and then repaint the area. If treated correctly the furniture should last for many years.






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