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The open kitchen design, perfect to enjoy falling in love with this family

Open mode kitchen is clever make use of space, the table that will be practical and beautiful is closely connected with the kitchen, form an open and open cooking to eat space. Open mode kitchen builds a warm dining environment, let the intimate joy of the home life begins early in the morning with the whole family.
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Dining room and kitchen conjoined design can save the whole dining room space, if is the small family, to save space is especially valuable, dining-room kitchen after conjoined design vision, to effectively extend space also, if your home kitchen space is enough big you might as well, this design effect is also stick.
Open kitchen design must pay attention to several points: use basic structure, ambry and furniture mix, leave enough practical space, ventilated eliminate smoke is key, the configuration of bottom ark is enough.
If your open mode kitchen is a meal kitchen guest one body type, should consider the harmony of the furniture of the sitting room, dining-room and kitchen furniture. To ensure that "open kitchen" can integrate into the whole household atmosphere naturally. Open mode kitchen stove, should consider to choose won't produce too much lampblack of the kitchen utensils, so high-power multifunctional smoke lampblack machine is indispensable to the open kitchen "reduced smoke guard" (generally in more than 1000 watts). In addition, smoke lampblack machine also should choose the appearance beautiful, to assure its overall beauty sex.




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