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The symbolic design - Navy Chair

In the modern design history, there are a few classic American design with a lot of Denmark, Britain, Italy trademark design with equal status, 1006 navy chair is one that cannot be ignored. True navy has still by Electric in Pennsylvania Machine and Equipment Company (Emeco) manufacturing, now many other imitation of manufacturing quality and Emeco product have very big difference.
This chair first served in the U.S. navy ships, is famous for its standard cannot be destroyed by a torpedo. Because in the 1940 s, to participate in world war ii the U.S. navy need a group can be used in ships, sturdy enough seats. In addition to 1006 ergonomic chair surface is also cannot be ignored, which makes iron surprisingly comfortable chair. And make the chair USES increase greatly, has been widely used all kinds of restaurant cafe.CDG furniture is a metal chair factory.
Classic ", 1006 "navy chair is by the designer Wilton. Bonorapl.influence of si (became the Carlyle Dinges) in the United States established Pennsylvania's Hanover (Hanover, Pennsylvania) Mr Beauty ke company design, bonorapl.influence of si in the U.S. navy during world war ii received commitments, asked him to design a used in submarine, the metal seat because on this very special conditions using submarines, so the requirements of the navy is not afraid of salt water corrosion and salt heavy climate, and to compare light, have to be very durable, and it is very urgent.Bonorapl.influence and ALCOA (ALCOA) cooperation to develop this chair, aluminum company sent engineers, scientists, Mr Ko furniture designer beauty chair design, finally adopted a lightweight, solid aluminum, with 80% of the recycled aluminum as raw materials, advertising rhetoric is to be able to resist the torpedo attack chair.
And accurate according to the requirements of submarines using man-machine size to design, the chair according to the human body size shape, the forming, welding, cutting, grinding, heat treatment, polishing, plating, anodizing, all hand-made, made of aluminium sheet bending transition was almost invisible and grinding crack, the whole chair needs to be done 77 procedures, manual inspection, the purpose is to Make a little scrap chair, it is said that life is in 150, the 1006 chair is one of the first product to have a product, such products, in the history of industrial product design, so early in 1944, is a unique, this chair is completely and the special requirements of wartime appeared, it was said that the navy order formulation is to "design for recycling completely out of fashion" (the Make process obsolete), chair "permanent durable" (keep making things that last).The first "Navy chair 1006" was delivered in 1944 the United States Navy USES the number is 1006, so some people simply called "Navy chair(the Navy chair), bonorapl.influence, his name is called "10,0,6" according to the figures, it is "1006".


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