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Three elements of a coffee shop design

At present, the design and decoration in the coffee house design company include the following three design elements:
First, the design and decoration of the cafe should pay attention to the design of lighting effect
Lighting effect is the effect of lighting, lighting effect has two aspects of the role of lighting and decoration. The design of the cafe company focuses on the design of lighting, good lighting design can often create a warm and harmonious atmosphere, so that the emotional appeal of coffee and the surrounding environment perfect combination. Different lighting can create a different environment, such as the dark coffee shop looks ancient and mysterious, and the warm light effect can create a romantic warm feeling, bright lights appear to have modern colors. The design emphasizes the contrast between the light color and the background, the spot lamp hits on the decoration utensil, also can make the coffee brand to have the stereoscopic feeling.
Second, the cafe door decoration design
The cafe door design can often attract many guests in front of the door to stop you, good design can guide the guests attention, arouse people's desire to explore, and interested. So the door design personality appears especially important, in fact, the cafe door role is to guide and attract customers. General large coffee shop door can be placed in the middle, small cafe placed on both sides, because of the small coffee shop is small, has a direct impact on the actual use of the area inside the store, the store is no seat, in and out of the door also inconvenience. The door should be open and bright, bright, smooth, consistent, beneficial to business. According to the design, but also should consider the factors outside the shop, horizontal or slope; there are no obstructions, light conditions, ambient noise and the sun azimuth and other factors, as far as possible favorable business for the sake of the guests.
Third, it is important to create a good atmosphere in the design and decoration of the café
In fact, many people came to the cafe is the most ulterior motives, but to find some of his good friends to come to talk exchanges, of course, it would be better if the shop can do a good cup of coffee, we must pay attention to be able to create a comfortable, relaxed, elegant Cafe decoration design company, romantic the atmosphere, such as some modification of the wall, or a painting, or an exquisite ornaments can create a good atmosphere. Therefore, in the coffee shop decoration design to allow customers to fully feel the atmosphere is very important.




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