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Tips For How To Sellecting Furniture

It is undoubtedly a happy thing to choose furniture for the family, but there is a lot of learning to choose furniture. Today, we hope to find out the suitable and advantageous furniture for you.CDG furniture is an antique furniture manufacturers.
The second is to high-grade furniture to differentiate to have method, when choosing furniture, inspect quality also especially attention, such as lumber moisture content is high and low moisture content is high, lumber easy warped, deform. The moisture content of furniture should not exceed 12%, generally when consumer is bought, no test instrument, can adopt method of touch, feel with the hand furniture underside or has no place to paint on the inside, if feel feel damp, the moisture content is above 50% at least, it just won't work. Another option is to add a little water to the wood, if it's slow or not smudging, the water content is high. The selection of artificial board has deformation, edge distention, middle concave and convex phenomenon, indicating that the water absorption rate of wood is too high. The rubber wood is a good choice from the high cost performance, the price is moderate, the material is also good.
Furniture four foot is not the four feet of flat furniture is flat, place furniture on the ground shake a shake to know. Some furniture only have three legs to land, stable performance is not very good. It also depends on whether the table is flat or flat, or if the table is raised, the glass plate will rotate. If the table is concave, the glass plate will be crushed. In addition, also pay attention to check cabinet door, the cent seam of drawer is not too big, want to pay attention to horizontal straighter, door can not droop.CDG furniture is an antique furniture factory.
The most important is whether the structure is firm, small piece furniture, such as chair, stool, coat hanger can be dragged in the cement floor when choosing, fall lightly, the voice is crisp, the quality is better; If the voice is hoarse, there is the noise of the splitting, which means that the mortise is not tight and the structure is not strong. The desk and table can shake with your hands and look for stability. Sofa can sit, shake violently, if not active, soft, no sound, explain mortise structure is relatively secure. If you sit up and make a little noise, it will shake, and it won't take long. Square table, desk, chair and so on the leg should have four triangular card, rise fixed effect, if not, time USES long can be disintegrated. When choosing, can turn table and chair upside down to see, the package cloth chair can touch a touch with the hand.


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