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Tips on Choosing Home Furniture

Furniture is one of the important completeness of a building. Good interior design, including furniture selection will provide added value for an architectural masterpiece.
Here are some tips on choosing home furniture.
The first step that needs to be done is to conduct a small survey on the space in the house that will be filled with furniture. There are several things that need to be considered include wall color, room width, ceiling height, space accessories and other matters concerning the chosen theme, for example classic theme, mediterranean, minimalist or traditional and so on. This is to create harmony (harmonization).
The second step is to adjust the furniture with the needs, functions and extent of space. For a room that has a large enough area can be more comfortable in choosing furniture design. But keep in mind that large room does not mean to be easy to put and choose furniture. Need to be consistent with the chosen theme from the beginning. For example, can use the services of the right architect furniture for your room.
For a narrow space (eg 3 m x 3 m) can use furniture that seem light and small. Small furniture can provide a relief effect on the room. While the furniture design is light memorable meaning that the furniture has a simple shape, not too many other forms of carvings and knick knacks. The small space can also seem great when the number of furniture is small and there is a big wall object (here I mean can be a painting or photo that fills one wall).
The third step is to determine the color of home furniture. Furniture can be combined with matching wall color. In choosing the color of furniture is to use two ways, namely choosing a matching color with the wall (barrel) or opposite to the wall color (contrast).
For the selection of themes can be tailored to the character of yourself and your family. A theme reflects the personality of the owner and the arrangement must be consistent.


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