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Tray Table

Today we introduce a range of tray tables. These CDG 2017 new items,  The first time fact to customers in 2017 CIFF Guangzhou. 
Style: Antique style
Color: Although it is Antique series, but rich colors, making space and bright colors complement each other. To different shades, material or size of the superposition of  space to create a balance of the overall sense.
Function: a perfect ornaments, light appearance is not enough, practicality is one of the important factors we consider. Both can be decorated and can facilitate the life of a single product, the best. This tray has three sizes, can be stacked together when loading. Can be used as a tra, also you can  put coffee and food, set in a proper position is also a good ornaments or a coffee table.
Material: This tray table can be made of iron and aluminum material, natural high-quality materials can greatly enhance the space comfort, but also allow users to produce greater interaction between the items.


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