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What to look for in a bar table

The good thing about bar tables is that they aren’t solely just for bars. They make a great seating arrangement in cafe’s, bistros, and even restaurants.CDG furniture is a bar table factory. So if you really want to mix and match your seating up a little, just how do you choose the perfect bar table for your needs?
Ideally each one of these should hold the same amount of weight and therefore should be considered equally. A well thought out space for example will give you maximum return on your seating, but it’s no good if your bar seating doesn’t fit into a theme that you have or worse still, simply isn’t practical for your needs.CDG furniture is a bar table manufacturers.
Bar table types
There are so many bar tables to choose from and made from a variety of materials. For an uber-modern contemporary look how about choosing glass. Even though it might seem sleek and modern and fit in well with a theme you’re trying to create there might well be practical considerations you may also need to look at before you splash the cash. Formica table tops are great for a retro look and come in all shapes and sizes, but they might not be practical especially if you want to use them outside as well as indoors. Wood is a timeless classic and has been the bar stool material of choice for many years. It isn’t going to stop the world with it’s design, but it’s not likely to offend anyone either. Do bear in mind however that it can be heavy to move around and mightn’t be weatherproof either. Finally how about Polypropylene? Yes the humble plastic table has been elevated in the last few years and now comes in all shapes, sizes, and colours. They can cost less that their glass, wood, or metal equivalents but are they as hard wearing as a metal table would be?
Does shape really matter?
The importance of choosing the right shaped bar table can never be over-estimated. Square bar tables for example offer the greatest amount of flexibility in terms of space because they sit flush into a corner for that degree of intimacy. However for areas where you have a multitude of nooks and crannies then a round table might fit the bill better. Generally speaking however, round tables do make passing space easier and as a result you’ll probably find that you can fit more more of them in. For best results successful cafes tend to mix and match the two giving the owner the ultimate balance between customer comfort and cost-effective seating arrangements.




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