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When LOFT meets the cafe

After a busy day of work, walk into a coffee shop, Order a cup of latte, along with a relaxed soothing music, the day's tired moments disappeared without a trace.
And loft can make this atmosphere contrast most vividly.CDG furniture is a coffee tables and chairs suppliers.
Here is the cafe to say.
Two-storey space, first floor for large public areas, and extended to the terrace. Public areas include service areas, checkout and so on. Set up a large multi-person wooden table, at the same time, in the area below, placed double coffee tables and chairs, a clear division of the business district and leisure area, showing a variety of space atmosphere. The carbon steel staircase connects a layer with a mezzanine, thereby entering a quiet upper area.
Design concept is based on very limited materials, such as steel stairs, pillars, the first floor of the main use of concrete floors and walls, sandwich is the main wooden floor. At the same time, the use of wood and fabric furniture, with warm lights, for the indoor to create a comfortable atmosphere. 




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