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Which table is better for your restaurant?

Restaurant decoration, the design to take into account a lot of problems, which decided to use what kind of table can maximize the use of your space and fit the restaurant design tone.
Here are a few suggestions that will make you better tailored for your dining table.
Square table
A square or rectangular table is usually the most popular restaurant because it has the greatest flexibility. Like our 714T-Alu square table can easily lean against the wall, slide into the corner, or floating in the center of the restaurant. Rectangular or square tables because they can be simply stitched together to accommodate more guests to eat together.
Be sure to consider the communication space and dining environment you want. Square tables are usually associated with a full-service restaurant, because they are more likely to create smooth lines and intimate feel.
Recommendation: Square tables are usually not working well in rectangular space and may make it difficult for customers and staff to move freely around dining.
Round table
Round tables are ideal in a more casual environment, usually used for fast food restaurants where diners only need to eat and leave. The round table creates a friendly and warm environment.
A small round table with a round base, such as a 680DT-Alu a good choice, may attract more individual diners such as coffee shops or bakeries. When customers come to eat or read, they are not considering social activities, and more likely to feel more guilty for their own larger tables. A small round table has a better standalone seat, no waste of space and allows customers to be alone, without actually feeling lonely.
Keep in mind that a large roundtable can be ideal for people groups because they allow eye contact and easier conversation than a long rectangular table.
Recommendation: Round table is usually just a single customer or a big party ideal, may make two or two diners a bit strange or uncomfortable.
Mixed use
Today, in a case where most of the restaurants are considered to be "casual" areas, customers want a laid-back dining environment, the best way possible is to combine all types of tables with.
Keep in mind that your dining table is not just for your customers to have a place to eat, their design and provide a whole experience. The right table will play a very important role in the design of the perfect role.


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