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Why Seating Plays An Important Role In Restaurant Design

Designing a restaurant so that it looks aesthetically appealing, that it provides the right movement flow, and is functional & comfortable, are vital aspects. In this respect, restaurant seating plays a very important role in the broader design concept; this includes the stools, chairs, booths and the couches too.
If you are buying any seating elements for your restaurant for the first time, or are upgrading your existing furniture or even adding to the existing pieces you have, here are some things you should keep in view:
Size of the available space- If you have a modestly-sized restaurant, opt for compact booths instead of expansive chairs and tables. The objective is to have a smooth movement flow in all the areas of the restaurant, without compromising on the number of chairs and tables you have there. Understand exactly how much space you have in your restaurant and order seating accordingly.
Restaurant design- The demographic you are catering to and the type of cuisine served at your restaurant will be a deciding factor in restaurant design. If you run a casual eatery or a diner that caters largely to families that come in with kids, consider getting compact booths. On the other hand, if yours is a fine dining restaurant, larger, deeper and upholstered chairs and couches are what you should be looking for.
Your budget- Always remember that prices for different seating tends to add up pretty quickly; and if you are operating on a start-up budget, chances are you don’t have large amounts of capital to invest. There are bound to be a number of pieces of furniture you like when you go shopping for restaurant furniture.
However, you would have to keep temptation in check and ascertain whether you want to spend large amounts of money on a good-looking chair, or whether you are able to find something that’s equally functional and appealing, yet cheaper.
Things to consider while buying restaurant furniture– When you are buying chairs stay away from any designs that have too many curvatures and crevices and look for cleaner designs. The former are more difficult to keep clean and crumbs or dust and debris can get lodged in the crevices. If you are opting for upholstered chairs, opt for stain resistant material. Factor in an annual professional cleaning of the chairs, into your restaurant budget.
Plan the waiting area furniture with care too; the couches and chairs you place there should also have stain-resistant material and the pieces should be durable. The other thing to keep in view is that all the furniture you buy should follow a specific theme, whether in styling or in colour. The idea is to maintain a consistency in theme throughout the restaurant.
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