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Why You Should Choose Metal Furniture?

If you’re looking to buy new cafe furniture then one of the first decisions you need to make is what material do you want it to be made from. Cafe furniture is made in a wide range of materials with the most popular being wood, plastic, and metal. We’ve seen a huge surge of interest in the latter especially with the popularity of the industrial look which many cafes throughout Australia are embracing. Metal does have several advantages so let’s take a look at them.
Wide variety
One of the main benefits of purchasing metal cafe chairs, in particular, is the range of styles and colours that are available. Tolix is one of the best known brands of cafe furniture but it is expensive. However if you want the designer look at a fraction of the price, then we offer a wide range of replica Tolix chairs and bar stools with an assortment of colours, styles, and finishes, so there’s sure to be something to take your fancy. Metal also looks great paired with wood as it softens what can otherwise be quite a stark piece of furniture. Take our Cross Back Bentwood metal chair or our Helen stools with their timber seats, and you’ll see what we mean.
Budget friendly
Metal restaurant furniture also comes at prices which won’t break the bank and includes tables, bases, chairs, and bar stools. Our small replica Tolix stools start at just $45 and our Tolix 600 square table is only $110. Our steel cabaret chairs are excellent for adding a splash of colour and only cost $69.30 which is excellent value for money, and what’s more they’re also AFRDI certified which means that they’ve passed vigorous tests for strength and durability.
Even though metal furniture is relatively inexpensive it has the added advantage of being extremely durable, and commercial metal furniture will give you many years of use. Types of metal used for cafe furniture includes powder brushed steel, aluminium, cast aluminium, stainless steel and chrome. Welded joints are typically used on metal cafe furniture and this makes them even stronger as they hold together far better than those which are bolted together. Often the finish on metal chairs lasts longer than for wooden furniture.
A lot of metal cafe furniture is designed to be lightweight but durable. It’s done for a purpose and that’s so it can be moved around with ease to accommodate different sized groups of customers if, for example, two or three tables need to be pushed together to make one large table. Often metal furniture is stackable, which again is a bonus if storage space is limited.
A lot of metal cafe furniture is designed for inside and outside use. Stainless steel restaurant tables for example, can be used inside or out. Several restaurants use sliding doors or canopies which can be open or shut to create indoor/outdoor spaces, and metal furniture is ideal for these situations, since it can withstand the harsh outdoor elements and still maintain its durability.




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