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Industrial Restaurant Tiffany Chairs Aluminium Vintage Domestic Garden Banqueting Furniture Chairs-723-H45-Alu

Product description:

  • Model Number : 723-H45-Alu(7)
  • Material : Aluminium/Steel
  • Stackable : Yes
  • Size : W44.9*D52.5*H85.5
  • Style : European,Metallic,Leisure,Retro,Italian,Heavy Duty,Amercian Country,Mid-Century
  • Color : Vintage White ,Vintage Black ,Vintage Yellow ,Vintage Green ,Vintage Blue ,Vintage Orange etc.
  • Finish : Vintage White, Vintage Red, Yellow,Blue
  • OEM : Yes
  • Lead Time : 45days
  • Function : Restaurant,Dining Room,Wedding,Banquet,Bar,Garden,Party,Outdoor,Cafe,Canteen,Kitchen,Coffee Shop,Bistro,Catering,Dinner,Swivel,Rental,Hotel,Balcony,Club,Fast Food,Public,Beach,Outside
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