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 822 Range Chair From CDG Furniture


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Perfect Combination of Material:

When you choose the chairs for you dining and restaurant, have you ever struggled  from the materials?  Metal chairs? Wooden or Leather ones? CDG 822 ranges chair come out to solve all these. Metal frame is combined with plywood top and backrest with PU cover, which show all material's advantage just in right place. Like quality, comfort and stylish:

  Aluminum Outdoor Furniture  

Quality is always CDG's core value. The metal frame makes them long lasting and heavy duty. The same as others from our factory, 822 range is with E1 contract standerd. And before leaving our factory, they will get strictly full checking to ensure every piece perfect to customers. To ensure comfort of our furniture , CDG have used countless hours developing and choosing the right designs, technology and materials. PU cover of 822 range provides warm and soft feeling, while metal and plywood  share the weight equally. When you sit on it, comfortable and safe will be what you want to say.

  Aluminum Outdoor Furniture


CDG aims to focus on designer furniture. And believe only classic can be timeless. 822 range keeps CDG' vintage style---Matt black frame, every line and all aspects of this chair is smooth and delightful. At the same time, "colors can speak all languages." . there are diffirent color options---main vintage black, brown, light walnut, vintage green eta. Meet diffirent demands and cover diffirent decorating styles.



●  Material: Steel+E1 Plywood+Vintage Faux Leather

●  Packing: 4pcs/ctn, 722pcs/40HC    

●  Suitable for Restaurant, Cafe, Bar, Home, Apartment


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