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Prospects of metal furniture

In the situation of global economic malaise and furniture industry develop slowly, metal furniture with irresistible strenth and charm gets market recognition and favor. Although now metal furniture market share is not big, but there is high rate and vast space for development.
With the improvement of people's living, more and more people pursue excellence, emphasizing individuality, the next few years, metal furniture with a fresh, green, simple lines will highlight its especially one of the commercial mainstream furniture.
Wire chair by simple lines leading the trend of metal furniture industry, this year's show in Milan, Italy, the metal wire chairs takes much bigger part than former years. It will grow rapidly and will  increase it’s share in furniture field.
From the finish of metal furniture to view, commen powder coating and vintage finish craft different characteristics. Especially vintage finish, it seems have set off a wave of nostalgia, rolled up in Europe and Australia, even all over the world. 
In conclusion the author is very optimistic about prospects for the development of metal furniture. CDG the metal furniture specialist, with it’s strong quality backing and attractive designs has been gotten market recognition and customers’ appreciated.






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