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828 Range Multifunctional Restaurant Chair

CDG Furniture always takes fast action and make adjustments according to mraket going and shipping situation. Today I will bring an amazing design range, metal frame with upholstery, leather and fabric for options.

The design idea comes from present crazy shipping situation, so our starting points are comfortable, beautiful looking and how to make this chair loading capacity to be megical.


Multifunctional Restaurant Chair.JPG


Medern metal bar chair is in very good structure, stackable which can put one up another while packing and during your usage. Achieved 800pcs/40HQ loading capacity by carton packing way. This is really amazing which can save much shipping freight, and get customers are competitive in local market.

Metal frame, leather or facbric upholstery, with a wooden part, With its mixed materials, this vintage leather chair has a nostalgic charm that will make your guests feel at home.


Multifunctional Restaurant Chair.JPG  

Simple, stylish, and built to last, this multy material chair set is a major win. The plastic feet on the leg chairs prevent your floors from scratching and marking. 

This design chair range can stand out anywhere at home, in restaurant, hotel, events or a cafe, even office. If you would like a pop of color around your table, our dozens of colors surely can meet your ideas.

If you ever find yourself working at your dining sets, this designs chair is really very too comfortable to leave behind due to the cozy foam padding.

   Multifunctional Restaurant Chair


What makes this style dining chair so special is that the upholstery is not only customizable but also easy tomove and easy to clean,  It’s a family-friendly solution for all of life’s messes !

With an array of upholstery and metal options, the chair is a sleek addition to any style space. 

More designs welcome to visit our website,  We have both indoor and outdoor designs, morden and vintage styles, home and commercial use furniture, There is always one thant meets your needs!




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