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How to Choose Suitable Tables and Chairs for Your Restaurant ?

Selecting the right tables and chairs for your restaurant is crucial for both design layout and creating an inviting dining atmosphere. This decision significantly impacts the overall dining experience. Here’s a guide on how to choose the best furniture based on your restaurant type, style, and target customers.

1. High-End Restaurants

    High-end restaurants should reflect their quality and style through their furniture. Opt for solid wood seats or chairs with leather or velvet cushions. Solid wood chairs exude elegance and natural beauty, enhancing the restaurant's high-end appeal. Leather and plush cushions provide luxurious comfort, ensuring guests feel pampered. Attention to detail is key. Chairs should have ergonomic backrests and armrests for comfort during long meals, and table edges should be smooth to avoid accidents.

    2. Bars and Taverns

      Bars and taverns focus on a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere. Sturdy wooden bar tables are ideal, offering durability and a warm, natural feel. The height and width should suit customer habits, making it easy to place drinks and items whether sitting or standing. Leather-padded bar stools and chairs are preferred for their durability, waterproof qualities, and retro appeal. Ensure the stool height matches the bar counter for comfortable seating.

      3. Chain Fast Food Restaurants

        Fast food restaurants prioritize speed, convenience, and affordability. Practicality and durability are key, with commercial tables and metal chairs being ideal. These tables are made from sturdy materials with easy-to-clean surfaces, and metal chairs are lightweight yet durable. Space utilization is crucial. Design tables and chairs to fit the restaurant’s layout, accommodating more customers efficiently. Chairs should be lightweight and foldable for easy rearrangement and cleaning during peak hours.

        4. Considerations and Precautions

          When selecting tables and chairs, consider the following factors:

          • Safety: Ensure the materials and structures comply with safety standards to prevent accidents.
          • Durability: Choose materials that match the frequency and style of restaurant use for a longer lifespan.
          • Aesthetics: Coordinate the furniture’s appearance with the restaurant’s overall style.
          • Comfort: Follow ergonomic principles to ensure customer comfort during dining.

          Additionally, consider these points when purchasing:

          • Research supplier reputation and after-sales service for reliable quality.
          • Choose the right size and quantity to meet actual needs and avoid unnecessary costs.
          • Regularly inspect and maintain furniture to ensure good working condition.
          • The right furniture significantly impacts your restaurant’s atmosphere and efficiency.
          • Different types of restaurants require specific furniture to cater to their unique customer groups, business philosophies, and decor styles.
          • Choose wisely to enhance your restaurant’s appeal.

          CDG Furniture: High-Quality Commercial Restaurant Tables and Chairs

          CDG Furniture is renowned for its commitment to quality and innovative design. Our restaurant chairs, tables, and commercial furniture are celebrated for their craftsmanship and unique styles. We believe a restaurant’s success hinges not only on delicious food but also on providing an exceptional dining experience.

          We offer a variety of styles to suit your restaurant’s unique atmosphere. Whether you prefer rustic charm, traditional elegance, or modern minimalism, our selection caters to your needs. Our design team constantly explores new materials and techniques to blend art with functionality, creating bespoke tables and chairs that make your restaurant stand out.

          Our commercial furniture is designed for durability and easy maintenance. We use high-quality, waterproof, and oil-resistant materials for tables, ensuring they handle stains easily. Ergonomically designed chairs enhance customer comfort, and our rigorous production standards guarantee furniture that withstands daily use and frequent cleaning.

          Customization is a core part of our service. We adjust size, color, and material to fit your restaurant perfectly, maintaining our leading position in the competitive market. This flexibility earns us trust and praise from numerous customers.

          We also provide commercial outdoor furniture solutions for hotel courtyards, outdoor cafes, restaurants, and wedding venues. Our outdoor designs are practical and stylish, maintaining comfort and aesthetics in various climates. In the competitive global dining industry, restaurant tables and chairs are fundamental to brand image and customer experience. CDG Furniture’s exceptional quality, design variety, and customization options make us a trusted partner for many businesses.

          Nordic style, known for its simplicity, practicality, and comfort, has become a popular trend in commercial spaces. The aluminum table and chair set embodies this style, offering beauty, practicality, and durability. These sets feature minimalist designs with smooth lines and no excess decoration, blending seamlessly into various restaurant environments. Aluminum is chosen for its lightweight, durability, and easy maintenance, ideal for commercial use.

          Color choices are typically neutral—white, gray, or light wood—reflecting light to make spaces look bright and spacious. Designers often add vibrant details, such as colorful stripes on table legs or patterns on chair backs, adding personality without clutter. These sets come in diverse sizes to fit different spatial needs. Small restaurants can choose single or double tables, while larger ones can opt for long or round tables, enhancing space utilization and flexibility.

          Leather sets, with their American-style luxury, are favored by high-end restaurants. They combine elegance with comfort, featuring high-quality leather that’s durable and breathable. American-style designs emphasize luxury, comfort, and practicality. Leather adds a luxurious touch, with carefully selected and processed high-quality materials. Designers focus on color and texture, using classic combinations like brown, gray, red, and green, enhanced by fine stitching for added depth.

          The sets often include solid wood desktops and cast iron bases for stability and easy maintenance. Decorative details, such as carvings or prints, enhance aesthetics and unique features. High-end restaurants often choose full-grain or top-grain leather for its natural texture and breathability. Composite or faux leather options are available for cost-effective solutions.

          Proper care is essential for leather longevity. Regular cleaning and applying leather care oil prevent cracking and aging. Avoiding direct sunlight and humidity helps maintain the material’s integrity Choosing a leather set adds luxury and comfort to your restaurant, creating an elegant dining environment favored by patrons and designers alike.


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