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Advice For Purchasing Outdoor Tables And Chairs

There is a big difference between outdoor tables and chairs and indoor tables and chairs. Firstly, outdoor tables and chairs must have a certain degree of waterproof, anti-corrosion, and mold proof performance, because they are always exposed to sunlight and rain, and are subject to the test of nature on them; Secondly, outdoor tables and chairs also need to have a certain degree of color fastness, and their surface paint must be well treated to cope with various weather conditions. At present, the most popular outdoor tables and chairs are divided into three categories: outdoor rattan tables and chairs, outdoor metal tables and chairs, and outdoor aluminum tables and chairs.


The main materials used for outdoor rattan tables and chairs are: aluminum alloy skeleton and PE rattan. Aluminum alloy pipes are divided into round pipes, square pipes, and flat pipes. The wall thickness of aluminum alloy is generally between 1.2mm and 2.0mm, and some pipes have reinforced pipes inside, making the entire chair skeleton more stressed and firm. PE rattan is made of plastic particles processed and used outdoors for anti-corrosion, mold proof, waterproof, and exterior protection. Weaving rattan tables and chairs is generally used in outdoor coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, villas, and balconies, which are slightly more common. The new outdoor rattan table and chair products of CDG furniture use Tesla PE rattan handwoven, with a simple and fashionable design, atmospheric color and style, waterproof and sun resistant materials, and good pressure resistance. They are placed in outdoor leisure areas such as gardens and courtyards to enhance the viewing and comfort of the courtyard.


The main material used for outdoor metal tables and chairs is galvanized iron pipes, which are welded, polished, and then painted for production and processing. Due to strong ultraviolet radiation and climate conditions, it is not recommended to use it outdoors. If it is necessary to use metal outdoor tables and chairs, it is recommended to use them in a sheltered area. The most obvious advantage of outdoor metal tables and chairs is their solidity and firmness, but iron ones are not actually durable. Outdoor furniture always needs to be placed on the ground, which inevitably comes into contact with moisture and is prone to rust and paint peeling. The new outdoor metal table and chair products of CDG Furniture have broken away from the monotonous and dull image design of the past. Our designers have injected a new soul into the style and design of outdoor metal furniture, and have also chosen a more powerful outdoor waterproof color paint, which looks fashionable and novel. Therefore, no matter what decoration style you want to match, you can find the corresponding metal furniture on CDG.


The main material used for outdoor aluminum tables and chairs is: all aluminum, the product is very textured, rust free, durable, and has a smooth and delicate appearance. Aluminum has a lower density than steel and iron, making it lightweight and easy to move and transport; The thermal conductivity of aluminum is relatively good among most metals, so it is still very comfortable to use in summer or winter. Aluminum outdoor furniture can handle various climate changes with ease. CDG Furniture’s new outdoor aluminum desk and chair products use non rusting aluminum material and are sturdy and durable, making them particularly suitable for use in gardens and balconies. CDG’s outdoor aluminum tables and chairs have won a group of loyal fans with their casual, comfortable, and minimalist style. Get close to nature and enjoy sunbathing in your own garden and villa courtyard. Whether it’s sunny or rainy, you don’t have to worry about moving furniture indoors or outdoors.




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