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In nowadays, furniture design and manufacturing are increasingly emphasizing the combination of practicality and aesthetics. As a leader in the industry, CDG furniture has won the favor of consumers with its excellent craftsmanship and unique design concepts. Recently, CDG Furniture has launched an indoor and outdoor universal restaurant table, which not only has a stylish appearance but also is very practical. This table features a thickened aluminum frame and legs, while the countertop is made of HPL technology plastic wood material, making it suitable not only for outdoor use but also for indoor restaurants.

CDG Restaurant Table

Thickened Aluminum Material: A Representative Of Strength And Durability

This restaurant table produced by CDG furniture uses thickened aluminum as the material for the frame and table legs. Aluminum itself has the characteristics of being lightweight and corrosion-resistant, and the thickened design enhances its durability and load-bearing capacity. This material selection enables this table to remain stable under various environmental conditions and withstand the test of time. Whether it’s wind, rain, or sun or rain, this table can maintain good condition and provide customers with a comfortable dining environment.

CDG Restaurant Table

HPL Technology Plastic Wood Materials: The Perfect Combination of Nature and Technology

The countertop is an important component of a table, which directly affects the user’s experience. CDG Furniture has chosen HPL technology plastic wood material to make the countertop for this table. HPL is a high-tech wood plastic composite material that combines the natural texture of wood with the durability of plastic. This material not only has a realistic and natural appearance, but also has a touch that is no different from solid wood. More importantly, HPL technology plastic wood materials have characteristics such as waterproofing, moisture resistance, and corrosion resistance, making them very suitable for use in outdoor environments.

CDG Restaurant Table

Strong Universality: Suitable For Both Indoor And Outdoor Use

This restaurant table produced by CDG furniture cleverly blends indoor and outdoor usage needs in its design. In terms of appearance, it adopts a simple and fashionable design style, which is not only suitable for various dining venues, but also can be well integrated into the home environment. Whether in bustling commercial districts or peaceful rural towns, this table can become a beautiful scenery. For indoor use, the table adopts an adjustable height design, which can adjust the height of the desktop as needed to meet the needs of different occasions and crowds. Whether it’s family gatherings, friend gatherings, or business banquets, this table can provide a comfortable dining experience. In outdoor environments, this table also performs well. It has excellent weather resistance and adaptability, and can withstand the effects of wind, rain, sunlight, and various extreme weather conditions. Whether it’s a park, beach, or terrace, this table can be the ideal choice for people to enjoy delicious food and beautiful time.

CDG Restaurant Table

Environmental Protection Concept: The Choice of Sustainable Development

CDG Furniture fully considered environmental factors when designing and manufacturing this table. Thickened aluminum and HPL technology plastic wood materials are both recyclable materials that meet the requirements of sustainable development. In addition, this table strictly controls resource consumption and environmental pollution during the production process, striving to provide consumers with a table that is both beautiful and environmentally friendly.


The indoor and outdoor universal restaurant table produced by CDG furniture is a high-quality product that combines aesthetics, practicality, durability, and environmental protection. It not only meets the needs of different places and populations, but also embodies the pursuit of excellent quality and sustainable development concepts in design and manufacturing. If you are looking for a table that is both beautiful and practical, then this CDG furniture made indoor and outdoor universal restaurant table is undoubtedly a worthwhile choice to consider.




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