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Design Concept And Principles of Outdoor Furniture

Designers should follow the design philosophy of emotional and harmonious outdoor furniture when designing furniture, and the main design principles of people-oriented, fun, and artistic. The outdoor furniture designed not only has practicality and functionality, but also conforms to the concept of harmonious coexistence between humans and nature, as well as meeting people’s emotional, comfort, sensory needs, etc.

1. Research On The Design Concept of Outdoor Furniture

1.1 Emotional Design Concept

The emotional design of outdoor furniture mainly starts from the elements of color, texture, shape, and decoration. Firstly, the use of colors in outdoor furniture includes natural and protective colors. Compared to other furniture, the color expression of outdoor furniture is relatively straightforward and has a strong attraction to people. Combining and matching different colors to form various emotions and tones, bringing people different spiritual feelings. For example, black represents stability and gives people peace of mind; Orange represents activity and brings joy to people’s hearts. Secondly, texture refers to the feeling that the material and quality of a certain object bring to people, and the texture of different furniture can bring different inner feelings to people.


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Wooden materials bring people a natural and harmonious feeling; Glass gives people a feeling of crystal clarity. Thirdly, the design of outdoor furniture is basically composed of a combination of point, line, and surface three-dimensional spaces. The application of line and space composition in furniture design can showcase corresponding emotions. Different styles and shapes can create different inner feelings for people. Fourthly, the emotional expression of decoration can be achieved through the combination design of materials, colors, patterns, and other elements, as well as the combination design with green plants, to give them certain emotional characteristics.

1.2 Harmonious Design Concept

The concept of harmonious design is one of the most important concepts in outdoor furniture design. The so-called harmony is not only the harmony between people and furniture, but also the harmony among furniture, people, and the environment. And how to handle the relationship between the three elements of environment, furniture, and people is a key consideration for designers. Designers coordinate and balance these three elements, which are independent, interrelated, and complementary to each other. Everyone has their own behavioral habits. As users of outdoor furniture, they should fully consider the audience’s unacceptable behavioral biases.


This requires outdoor furniture designers to fully consider these situations when designing outdoor furniture, especially for vulnerable groups in society. They should pay more attention and care, in order to serve more groups more widely and be accepted by the public. In addition, the relationship between outdoor furniture and the outdoor environment also requires further attention from designers. Outdoor furniture is an intermediary for direct communication and exchange between people and the environment, which can to some extent regulate the relationship between people and the natural environment. Designers must follow the principle of sustainable development in designing outdoor furniture.


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2. Research On The Design Principles of Outdoor Furniture

2.1 Putting People First

Outdoor furniture should meet the user’s inner needs and behavioral habits, reflecting the designer’s design philosophy. So the designed works not only meet people’s functional and practical needs for learning, life, etc., but also need to meet people’s emotional, comfort, sensory needs, etc. The people-oriented design principle of outdoor furniture is to follow the theory of sustainable development, incorporate local cultural characteristics, fully consider the needs of different groups of people and natural environmental factors, and meet the growing cultural emotional needs of people, to design widely recognized outdoor furniture products.

2.2 Artistic

The definition of outdoor furniture determines its public attributes and its service-oriented nature. The principle of artistic design mainly comes from people’s living habits and cultural literacy. The artistic nature of outdoor furniture draws on the design characteristics and elements of local customs, thereby reflecting the corresponding emotions of design and expressing the public perception of design. Art originates from creativity, and creativity originates from life. The main manifestation of the artistic nature of outdoor furniture is to integrate artistic techniques such as symbolism, imagination, and display into different patterns or forms of furniture design, carving, decoration, and other combinations, and display certain patterns and landscapes. Finally, through artistic means such as light, shadow, and lighting, the corresponding artistic atmosphere is created.


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2.3 Fun

Fun can add vitality to outdoor furniture, reflecting both the fun of life and sensory design. While practical, it meets the higher-level spiritual needs of users. And fun places higher demands on designers and is also one of the commonly used elements in outdoor design. The design principle of outdoor furniture’s interest requires novelty, uniqueness, and impressive appearance; In terms of color tones, bold use of colors, strong contrast, sensory comfort, and attracting public attention. In addition to original design, fun can also be achieved through means such as animated images and biomimetic designs. Images can come from familiar shapes such as fairy tales and anime.




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