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How Should Restaurants Cope With Off-season And Peak Season ?

Each season has its own unique food, such as crayfish in summer and crab in autumn are very seasonal specialties. For seasonal specialty catering, the business is naturally in full swing during the season, but what should be done after the season is over? At this time, we need to find a stable business for the long-term, coupled with seasonal characteristics for the short-term, make reasonable arrangements and allocations in terms of time, and operate flexibly and properly. This will inevitably become the best Strategy.


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1. During the peak season, the owner should evaluate the operating status of the peak season: think about whether the current business model is recognized by consumers? Has it been tested by the market?

2. According to the operating status and seasonal characteristics of the off-season, operators can innovate the current operating model. For example, many restaurants have a wide operating area, and there are also large rooftops or frontages in front of the store, so can they be fully utilized for “lou bar” operation?

3. Adjust product structure.

Although each restaurant has different business positioning, business models, cuisines, varieties, and regional cities where it is located, there are differences in the time when it enters the low and peak seasons, but they all have seasonality. Therefore, developing dishes according to seasons and adjusting product structure will play a big role in promoting catering sales.


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4. Carry out off-season themed promotions to boost sales and enhance brand awareness. Creative themed promotions can not only stimulate consumption and boost restaurant sales, but also enhance restaurant brand awareness and reputation.

5. Price adjustment: Appropriate introduction of special dishes is actually a very effective means.

6. Hold some theme promotion month planning activities.


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