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How To Choose Leisure Restaurant Chairs?

If you want to buy a good leisure restaurant chair, it is not enough to have a good appearance and shape. Only when you make customers feel comfortable when sitting on it, can it be considered a good leisure restaurant chair. So what problems should we pay attention to when purchasing chairs in leisure restaurants? Let’s follow CDG furniture to have a look!


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1. Depth of Leisure Restaurant Chairs

Leisure restaurant chairs are generally used in business scenes such as restaurants or coffee shops. They are used to release pressure for customers, so customers may sit deeper. Therefore, you should sit down first when you buy a chair in a leisure restaurant, and try the overall feeling of the human body when you sit down, so that you can know whether it can achieve the function of relaxing and leisure dining and entertainment.

2. Fabric Selection

If there is a pattern on the fabric, the pattern should generally be kept intact, symmetrical from left to right, coordinated from top to bottom, the line joints should be aligned, there should be a smooth transition at the corners, and the color should be basically consistent without obvious color difference. There should be no stains, scratches and other scars (such as obvious jumpers, knots, etc.)

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3. Height of Handrail

Different people have different habits. If they are used to putting their hands down, they may choose leisure restaurant chairs with lower or no armrests; However, if you like to shrink the whole person in the middle of the leisure restaurant chair, then the chair with high armrests and deep seating surface is probably the best choice.

4. Inclination of Chairs In Leisure Restaurants

Most of the chairs in the leisure restaurant are slightly backward, and they sit stably on the chair. The leisure restaurant chair with higher inclination makes customers sit on it as if they are lying on the chair, which is very comfortable. For example, like the Ims lounge chair, it is suitable for both chatting and sleeping.

5. Softness

Pay attention to the comfort of the cushion and backrest. If there are no cushions and cushions attached to the leisure restaurant chair, the hardness of the material itself can be directly seen. For the soft part, pay attention to the internal filler used, and try to feel after sitting on it. The above is an introduction to the problems that should be paid attention to when purchasing leisure restaurant chairs. Only by choosing the right leisure restaurant chair can customers use it more comfortably, increase the opportunities for customers to repeat consumption, and accumulate good reputation for restaurants or cafes. For more information about leisure restaurant chairs, please consult CDG Furniture online at any time.


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