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How To Increase Your Restaurant Turnover ?

How to increase your restaurant turnover? There are many ways. Here are some suggestions from CDG, hope to help you a lot.


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1. Optimize your menu

Optimizing your menu is the first step. Highlight the signature dishes and main dishes, put the combo dishes in a prominent position, classify the meat and vegetarian dishes, and the waiters enthusiastically recommend disches to help customers quickly complete the order.


2. Optimize your pricing

What consumers care most about, besides whether it is delicious, is actually the price. A restaurant with high cost performance and delicious dishes, the business will definitely not be bad. When pricing dishes, you can set popular dishes and popular dishes at mid-range prices, and set up several higher-priced dishes for comparison, so that the probability of popular dishes being selected will greatly increase.


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3. Promotions

Setting up package sales is a common marketing tactic. When consumers enter the store for consumption, if they are not familiar with the dishes, the first choice is the signature dish, and the second is the combo dishes set. Designate some reasonable packages for bundled sales, which can greatly increase sales. For example, popular dishes are paired with unpopular dishes, and low-profit dishes are paired with high-profit dishes to maximize profits. McDonald’s, KFC, and Starbucks have used the package marketing method very well,  it is worth learning from.


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Set up promotions with free snacks or sweets, juices, beverage, or half-price second item promotions. Stimulate consumers’ desire to buy. these promotions also can increase your turnover a lot.




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