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Tips for Choosing Your Outdoor Furniture

The beautiful days are pointing the tip of their nose! It’s time to take the outdoor furniture out of the cellar, garage, or storage room. A real extension of the interior: the garden, the raised terrace or the small balcony becomes a part by itself, this is why now we pay more attention and have more interest to look after its decoration. So, we create a cozy corner with an outdoor lounge, a round or rectangular table, hammock, and lounge chair. Bohemian and exotic rattan atmosphere, design and original, colorful, and joyful. For barbecues and other chill sessions. That’s it. You have decided to change your outdoor furniture to acquire a brand new. To help you, here are some tips for choosing your outdoor furniture.

Tips for Choosing Your Outdoor Furniture (1)

Arrange the Available Space

First, ask yourself what utility you want to give to your outside. Would you like a corner more dedicated to dining or relaxing? And also, you need to ask yourself where you want to install this furniture, for example, at the edge of a swimming pool, we advise you to install a relaxation area with two armchairs and a coffee table or a sunbed for sunbathers or lounging. 

A bistro corner for an aperitif or a street meal with a high table and bar stools can also be considered as an excellent choice. Talking about bar stools, CDG furniture is launching their new model, code name: 657 (picture on the right). Their comfort makes the atmosphere favorable for an evening that may be late into the night.

Then making a plan step arrives. It is essential to understand the space of your terrace or balcony. Thus, you will be able to check that your future outdoor furniture is well proportioned compared to the space available. Do not hesitate to make landmarks to simulate the locations of your future furniture and check that there is enough space around to circulate.

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Pick Suitable Furniture

For example, if a three-seater sofa is too big, you can opt for the two-seater version. Same for tables where generally several lengths are proposed for the same model. For tiny spaces, opt for folding furniture, lightweight and therefore easily transportable. CDG furniture 737s model is offering this exact advantage. They take much less space to store and also serve as indoor furniture. For large terraces, no constraint is provided to you, so let your imagination run free. You can take a look at what CDG furniture is offering, the square table cross back chair set (714) (picture on the left), reliable and comfortable, it is one of the best options out there.

But you must also consider another criterion. It is the number of people you want to accommodate on your terrace. If you are a small family, but you are used to regularly receiving many guests to share pleasant moments, consider selecting an expandable table. An extension will allow you to have a well-sized outdoor table for everyday use and can be enlarged for special occasions.

Tips for Choosing Your Outdoor Furniture (4)

Style and Colors

It is also essential to define the ambiance of your outdoors. Which design is your preference? Which material do you want? Do you want your chair in aluminum, iron, steel, or wood? Towards a more modern style with clean lines or a more classic style such as a resin wicker outdoor furniture? You will be able to choose from a range of colors and thus stand out from the traditional white. Otherwise, you can use cushions to give a pep to your terrace.

Finally, the maintenance and the quality of the products are the primary criteria in the choice of your furniture. Indeed, outdoor furniture must be comfortable but also durable. They must be weather and UV resistant. Besides, if you are at the seaside, be careful to choose furniture that resists salty atmospheres.

Here we hope that these tips will help you choose the ideal outdoor furniture to enjoy beautiful summer days.

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