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Tips For Purchasing 3 Piece Sets Of Leisure Rattan Chairs And Table

What is a three-piece set of leisure rattan chairs and tables? The three-piece set of leisure rattan chairs and tables actually includes two rattan chairs and a small tea table. When choosing rattan furniture, many consumers will first care about its beauty, but often neglect the more important part, that is, the quality of rattan furniture. Nowadays, many people like rattan furniture very much, because it gives people a simple, comfortable and primitive feeling, and because of the environmental protection of the material, it is favored by users. But how to choose a three-piece set of outdoor leisure rattan chairs and tables in the balcony garden? Please follow CDG furniture to understand.

1、 Whether There Is Pungent Smell

When choosing, you need to open the leisure cane chair and smell the smell inside. This very exciting smell should be carefully smelled. For the very pungent smell, it can be said that the material used contains a large amount of dispersed formaldehyde, which has great pollution to the surrounding environment, but will also damage human health. This is also an effective way to judge whether rattan chair furniture is environmentally friendly.


 Leisure Rattan Chairs And Table


2、 Look At The Material

When purchasing leisure rattan chair furniture products, we need to pay attention to the use of rattan or wood-based panels. Generally, rattan furniture is more environmentally friendly. At this time, we need to observe whether there is a “green product” mark recognized by Europe, and whether it has passed the certification of environmental marks. Only qualified products can be used safely.


Leisure Rattan Chairs And Table


3、 Touch Furniture

For judging whether the leisure rattan chair furniture products are environmentally friendly, if the above conditions are not enough to judge, then you can actually touch the furniture to see whether the edge of the furniture is tight enough, how the water content is, and whether it is too high. Because the tight edge will seal the formaldehyde dispersed in the plate, which will greatly pollute the surrounding air. The water content is too high, which is not only a quality problem, but also accelerates the release of formaldehyde.


Leisure Rattan Chairs And Table


4、 Manufacturer’s Brand Strength

It is necessary to understand the actual situation of leisure rattan chair furniture manufacturers. Generally, products produced by well-known brands and powerful manufacturers have better environmental control. For the environmental label certification, you can learn more about the manufacturer’s information online. The leisure rattan chair furniture and outdoor rattan furniture of CDG furniture are all made of environmental protection rattan materials. The lines are smooth and the structure is tight. The frame is made of bold material, which is strong and stable. The overall design is close to the curve of the human body. They are placed in the living room, balcony, garden and other areas, revealing a fresh and natural nature, which makes people feel comfortable.


Leisure Rattan Chairs And Table


The above is the introduction to the shopping skills of the three-piece set of leisure rattan chairs and tables. I hope it can help you. If you want to know more about leisure rattan chairs, outdoor rattan chairs, and garden rattan furniture, please consult CDG furniture online.




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