CDG Outdoor Furniture Advantages

CDG Furniture Is A Professional Outdoor Furniture Supplier Specializing In The Field Of Outdoor Living, And We Strive To Provide Customers With Comprehensive Services. With 17 Years Of Rich Experience, We Have The Ability To Meet The Unique Needs Of Various Customers At Any Time. Even Extremely Picky Customers Can Receive The Most Meticulous Care And Perfect Satisfaction.

Our Service Scope Covers Various Indoor And Outdoor Spaces. Whether It’s A Private Swimming Pool, Lush Green Courtyard, Living Balcony, Spacious Garden, Hotel Terrace, Or Even Casual Restaurants And Cafes, We Can Provide Matching Outdoor Garden Furniture And Indoor Dining Tables And Chairs. Our Products Have A Wide Variety, Innovative Designs, And Excellent Quality, Which Can Meet The Various Needs Of Different Customers.

Our Professional Team Will Provide You With Personalized Design And Decoration Solutions, Making Your Outdoor Space More Comfortable, Beautiful, And Practical. Our Services Are Not Limited To The Supply Of Products. Our Goal Is To Create A Comprehensive, Comfortable, And Enjoyable Living Environment For You, Significantly Improving The Quality Of Your Outdoor Life.

CDG Furniture Is A Comprehensive Provider Of High-Quality Outdoor Living. We Have Decades Of Experience To Create Your Dream Outdoor Living Space. No Matter What Your Needs May Be, We Are Confident In Meeting Your Needs And Making Your Life Better. Choosing CDG Furniture Means Choosing A Comprehensive, Efficient, And High-Quality Service Experience. This Is Our Commitment To You And Our Mission.

Polyester Woven Rope Chairs And Outdoor Dining Table


The Perfect Combination Of CDG Woven Rope Dining Chairs And Outdoor Dining Tables Will Allow You To Better Enjoy Outdoor Leisure Time.


The CDG Woven Rope Dining Chair, With Its Unique Rope Design, Is Not Only Aesthetically Pleasing But Also Very Practical. The Back And Armrests Of The Chair Are Made Of Polyester Woven Ropes, And The Cushion Is Made Of High-Quality Waterproof Fabric, Providing A Very Comfortable Riding Experience. In Addition, Its Design Also Has Excellent Waterproof And Weather Resistance, Which Can Maintain Long-Term Stability And Durability Even When Used Outdoors.


The CDG Outdoor Dining Table Is Made Of Innovative Tabletop Materials Combined With An Aluminum Frame, With Multiple Types To Choose From, Making It The First Choice For Creating A Fashionable And Minimalist Outdoor Leisure Space. Suitable For Various Occasions, Giving A Natural And Warm Feeling. The Dining Table Is Lightweight And Easy To Move, Able To Withstand Large Weights, And Is Very Durable And Sturdy, Fearless Of Various Adverse Weather Conditions.


When Choosing The Combination Of CDG Rope Dining Chairs And Outdoor Dining Tables, You Can Choose According To Actual Usage Needs And Occasions. For Example, In Places With Beautiful Natural Environments Such As Grasslands And Gardens, Create A Relaxed And Pleasant Atmosphere; In Relatively Fixed Outdoor Places Such As Courtyards And Terraces, A More Stable Dining Environment Is Provided.


Through Practical Use Cases, We Can See That The Combination Of CDG Woven Rope Dining Chairs And Outdoor Dining Tables Can Bring People A Comfortable And Elegant Dining Experience, Whether In Family Gatherings, Friend Gatherings, Or Commercial Places Such As Hotels, Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Etc., Allowing Customers To Better Enjoy Outdoor Leisure Time.

Multiple Combination Options

Including 1+2, 1+4, 1+6, And Even 1+8



The CDG Outdoor Furniture Set, With Its Unique Nordic Luxury Design And Multifunctional Use, Has Become A Hot Selling Product In The Outdoor Furniture Market. This Furniture Set Is Not Only Beautiful And Elegant, But Also Very Practical, Meeting The Dual Needs Of Customers For Appearance And Practicality.



This Furniture Set Has Multiple Combinations To Choose From And Can Be Personalized According To Consumer Needs. Among Them, The 1+2 Combination Is The Most Popular Style Combination For Balcony Leisure. The 1+4 Combination Is A Great Choice For Relaxing Dining In Gardens And Courtyards, And Outdoor Restaurants And Cafes Also Like To Use This Combination. A Combination Of 1+6 Or Even 1+8 Is A Choice For Hotels Or Outdoor Banquets.



The CDG Outdoor Furniture Set Is Suitable For Various Occasions, Whether It Is A Home, Villa, Or Hotel, With Excellent User Experience. Its Appearance Is Simple And Elegant, With Soft Colors, Giving People A Comfortable And Natural Feeling. At The Same Time, Its Practicality Is Also Very High, And It Can Easily Adapt To Different Environments And Needs. For Example, In A Home, It Can Serve As An Outdoor Tea Room Or Rest Area; In A Villa, It Can Be Used As An Outdoor Gathering Or Leisure Place; In Hotels, It Can Provide Guests With A Comfortable Resting And Entertainment Environment.


Estimate The Floor Area Of Various Garden Sets, Making It Convenient For You To Choose The Appropriate Combination.


The CDG Garden Series Products Offer Various Combinations Of Chairs And Tables To Meet The Needs Of Different Consumers. You Can Make Reasonable Layout Plans Based On The Length, Width, Height And Other Data Of Various Garden Sets, Combined With The Space Area You Want To Use.



This Estimated Floor Area Image Will Provide A Detailed Introduction To The Estimation Methods For The Floor Area Of Various Matching Sets Of CDG Furniture, As Well As How To Choose The Appropriate Combination Method Based On The Size Of The Space.



In Addition To Size And Style, It Is Also Necessary To Consider The Overall Style And Functional Requirements Of The Space. For Example, If The Space Is Dominated By Nordic Style, You Can Choose Some Sets With Simple Lines And Bright Colors; If The Space Is Dominated By Industrial Style, You Can Choose Some Sets With Novel Shapes And Bright Colors.



Multiple Scenarios For Use: Whether It’s A Living Balcony, Villa Courtyard, Hotel, Restaurant, Coffee Shop, Etc.


The Versatility And Aesthetics Of The CDG Garden Set Make It The Perfect Choice For Various Scenarios.


Whether In Daily Life Or Commercial Venues, It Can Provide People With A Comfortable And Enjoyable Outdoor Experience, Allowing Them To Enjoy The Beauty Of Life In A Natural Environment.

Outdoor Rope Chair

Exquisitely Woven And Elegant Design


This Rope Chair Has Exquisite Graphics, Good Flexibility, Resistance To Sunlight And High Temperatures, 100% Waterproof, Quick Drying When Wet, Lightweight And Stackable, Easy To Clean And Manage, And Many Other Advantages.


This Rope Chair Is An Outdoor Furniture With A Strong Sense Of Design And Practicality, And Its Unique Appearance And Diverse Characteristics Are Eye-Catching. This Chair Adopts Exquisite Rope Weaving Technology, Presenting An Elegant Sense Of Line Beauty While Also Possessing Good Flexibility, Making It Very Comfortable To Sit On.


In Addition To Its Aesthetics, This Chair Also Has A Series Of Practical Advantages. It Is Resistant To Sunlight And High Temperatures, And Can Maintain A Comfortable Sitting Posture Even In The Scorching Summer. And Its 100% Waterproof Design Eliminates The Need To Worry About Getting The Chair Wet When Used Outdoors. What’s Even More Surprising Is That The Woven Rope Material On The Chair Has Good Wet Water And Quick Drying Characteristics, Which Can Still Be Used As Usual Even In Changing Weather Conditions.


The Lightweight And Stackable Feature Makes This Chair More Convenient For Storage And Transportation, Saving Space. When Cleaning And Maintenance Are Needed, The Design Of The Chair Is Also Very Easy To Clean. Simply Wipe It Gently With A Damp Cloth, Making Your Outdoor Life More Relaxed And Enjoyable.



Polyester Woven Rope Has The Advantages Of Comfortable Touch, Toughness And Durability, And Is Not Afraid Of Sunlight And Rain.



Hand Woven: With Ten Years Of Craftsmanship And Exquisite Weaving Techniques, The Patterns Are Rich In Regularity And Beauty, Showcasing The Nordic Style.



Waterproof Thickened Cushion: The Fabric Is Delicate, Breathable And Skin Friendly, With Unique Water Resistance, Dirt Resistance, And Easy Cleaning.



Reinforced Aluminum Frame: Comprehensively Improves Stability, Does Not Deform, And Can Bear Up To 300kg, Fearless In The Sun And Rain!



Anti Slip Foot Plugs: Prevent The Dining Chair From Sliding Or Tipping During Use, Ensuring Its Safety.


Material Upgrade


Strong And Durable Polyester Woven Rope




Polyester Woven Rope, As A New Type Of Outdoor Furniture Material, Has Advantages Such As Durability, Waterproofing, Rich Colors, And Comfort. In The Design And Production Of Outdoor Furniture, Polyester Woven Ropes Can Replace Traditional Materials, Adding A Sense Of Fashion And Individuality To Outdoor Furniture.




With The Continuous Increase In People’s Pursuit And Demand For Outdoor Life, Polyester Woven Ropes Will Undoubtedly Play A Greater Role In The Outdoor Furniture Market. As A Professional Outdoor Furniture Manufacturer, CDG Furniture Has Launched Multiple Polyester Rope Outdoor Furniture Products, Immediately Become A Hot Selling Product.




This Woven Rope Outdoor Chair Is Undoubtedly A Work Of Art That Combines Aesthetics And Practicality. After Ten Years Of Meticulous Handcrafting By Craftsmen, Their Craftsmanship Is Exquisite, With Each Weaving Rope Tightly And Delicately Woven, Presenting An Elegant Sense Of Line Beauty. The Appearance Of The Rope Chair Is Rich In Modern Artistic Design, Which Can Become The Focus And Attract People’s Attention Whether Placed Indoors Or Outdoors.




In Addition To Its Stunning Appearance, This Woven Rope Outdoor Chair Also Has High Practical Value. Comfort Is One Of The Important Criteria For Measuring Outdoor Chairs. This Rope Chair Is Designed According To Ergonomics, And The Braided Structure Of The Cushion And Backrest Provides Good Support, Making It Very Comfortable To Sit On.




The Firmness And Durability Of The Rope Chair Are Also Its Outstanding Characteristics. The Polyester Weaving Rope Material Is Corrosion-Resistant, Sunscreen, Waterproof, And Not Easy To Wear, Ensuring That The Chair Can Be Used In Outdoor Environments For A Long Time.




In The Production Process Of This Woven Rope Outdoor Chair, The Craftsmen Have Brought Their Hand Weaving Skills To The Extreme. They Cleverly Weave The Ropes Together, Each Step Requiring Precise Calculations And Skilled Techniques. For The Selection And Processing Of Rope Materials, We Strive For Excellence, Thereby Ensuring The Quality And Durability Of This Rope Chair.

Polyester Woven Rope Advantages



Polyester Woven Rope Is A Rope Material Woven From Polyester Fibers.





Durability: Polyester Woven Ropes Are More Durable Than Traditional Materials And Can Withstand Prolonged Outdoor Use Without Damage Or Fading.



Waterproof Performance: Polyester Woven Rope Has Good Waterproof Performance, Which Can Maintain Stability And Durability Even In Humid Environments.



Colorful: Polyester Woven Ropes Can Be Dyed According To Needs, So You Can Choose Various Colors And Patterns To Adapt To Different Outdoor Furniture Styles And Personal Preferences.



Comfort: Polyester Woven Rope Is Soft And Comfortable, Making Sitting On It More Comfortable, Adapting To Body Curves, And Providing Better Support.



CDG Furniture Polyester Woven Rope Has Unique Advantages In The Market, As Its Quality And Characteristics Far Surpass Other Common Woven Rope Materials.



This Superiority Is First Reflected In Its Structure. Our Polyester Woven Rope Is Composed Of A Fine Three-Layer Structure, Each Layer Undergoes Precise Craftsmanship And Strict Quality Control To Ensure Its Optimal Durability And Strength During Use. Many Rope Weaving Products In The Market Often Only Have A Simple Two-Layer Structure, Which Cannot Compare With Us In Terms Of Durability And Functionality.




The Polyester Woven Rope Of CDG Furniture Is Also Full Of Innovation In Design. We Have Specially Added PVC Pipe Cores To The Weaving Rope, Which Greatly Improves The Service Life And Strength Of The Product. PVC Core Can Not Only Protect The Internal Structure Of The Woven Rope, Prevent The Rope From Spreading, But Also Effectively Improve Waterproof Performance, Enabling It To Maintain Good Use Status Under Various Environmental Conditions.




Overall, CDG Furniture Polyester Woven Rope Not Only Leads The Market In Terms Of Structure, But Also Has Significant Advantages In Functionality And Durability. We Will Continue To Be Committed To Providing Customers With High-Quality Products And Excellent Services To Meet Your Various Needs.

Aluminum Frame



The Frame Of The Chair Is Made Of Selected Aluminum Materials, Using Outdoor Car Paint, With Rounded Edges And Corners Treated To Prevent Scratches.



The Precision Welding Process Ensures Stability, Durability, And Durability.



Aluminum Frames Advantages:



Lightweight: Aluminum Materials Are Relatively Lightweight And Easy To Handle And Move, Especially In Outdoor Environments.



Durable: Aluminum Has Strong Corrosion Resistance And Oxidation Resistance, Which Can Effectively Resist Wind And Rain Erosion In Outdoor Environments And Extend The Service Life Of Furniture.



Sunscreen And Rust Prevention: Aluminum Materials Have High Resistance To Ultraviolet Radiation, Which Can Avoid Furniture Aging Caused By Prolonged Exposure To Sunlight. In Addition, Aluminum Also Has Rust Prevention Properties, Which Can Avoid Rust Problems Caused By Humid Environments.



Easy To Assemble And Disassemble: Aluminum Materials Are Relatively Easy To Process And Assemble, And Can Be Disassembled And Assembled According To Needs, Facilitating Transportation And Storage.



Beautiful And Atmospheric: The Texture And High Glossiness Of Aluminum Itself Can Bring A Modern And Fashionable Appearance To Outdoor Furniture, And Various Surface Treatment Technologies Can Also Increase The Artistic And Visual Effects Of The Chair.



High Load-Bearing: Aluminum Materials Have Good Strength And Load-Bearing Capacity, And Can Withstand Large Weights, Making Them Suitable For Making Large Outdoor Furniture.



Easy To Clean: The Surface Of Aluminum Material Is Smooth And Does Not Easily Accumulate Dirt. Simply Wipe It With A Damp Cloth To Maintain Cleanliness.



No Paint Peeling: Aluminum Materials Do Not Peel Off Paint In Outdoor Environments Like Some Metal Materials, Maintaining The Aesthetics Of Furniture.



Easy To Match: The Modern And Fashionable Feel Of Aluminum Makes Outdoor Chairs Easier To Match With Various Styles.

50mm Thickened Waterproof Cushion



The Outdoor Special Waterproof Cloth Is Used, With Unique Lotus Leaf Drainage Effect, Which Can Drain Water Quickly Without Fear Of Rainstorm.



The Color Is Long-Lasting As New, Resistant To Dirt And Easy To Clean, The Fabric Is Delicate, Breathable And Skin Friendly And Comfortable.



High Density Sponge Filling, 50mm Ultra Thick And Comfortable To Sit On, With High Rebound And No Collapse, Enjoying Upgrades.




The CDG Rope Chair Is Equipped With A Waterproof Cushion Specifically Designed For Outdoor Use, Which Has Excellent Waterproof, Breathable, Wear-Resistant, And Comfortable Characteristics, Making It An Ideal Choice For You In The Outdoor Furniture Market.



This Waterproof Seat Cushion Adopts Special Coating Technology On The Surface, Which Has Excellent Waterproof Performance And Will Not Leak Water Even In Humid Weather Conditions, Keeping The Chair Clean And Tidy. At The Same Time, The Fabric Used On The Surface Of The Seat Cushion Also Has Excellent Breathability, Ensuring That It Will Not Feel Stuffy Or Breathable When Sitting For A Long Time.



The Cushion Is Filled With High-Density Thickened Sponge, Which Has Good Elasticity, Does Not Collapse, And Is Full And Comfortable, Providing An Excellent Sitting Experience. Even If You Sit In A Chair For A Long Time, You Won’t Feel Tired Or Uncomfortable. The Design Of The Chair Is Also Easy To Clean And Maintain, Just Gently Wipe It With A Damp Cloth, Allowing You To Easily Enjoy Outdoor Life.



This Chair Is Not Only Aesthetically Pleasing But Also Highly Praised For Its Practicality And Ease Of Maintenance. If You Enjoy Enjoying The Sunshine And Natural Scenery Outdoors, Then This Chair Will Be A Must-Have Choice For You.

The Nordic Outdoor Woven Rope Dining Chair




With Innovative Rope Weaving Technology, Simple And Elegant Design, Has A Fashionable Style And Practicality, And Is Gradually Becoming Popular Among People.





The Nordic Outdoor Woven Rope Dining Chair Is Suitable For Various Scenarios, And Can Create A Relaxed And Comfortable Dining Atmosphere For You In Outdoor Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops, And Other Places.





At The Same Time, It Is Also Suitable For Private Spaces Such As Family Courtyards And Balconies, Allowing You To Experience Nordic Simplicity And Comfort While Enjoying Delicious Food.

CDG Hot Sale Outdoor Dining Table



Technology Plastic Wood Table Top + Thickened Aluminum Frame




When The Sunlight Fell On The Outdoor Dining Table Of CDG Furniture, It Seemed As If Time Had Come To A Standstill. This Is An Outdoor Dining Table Series Product That Combines Nordic Art Style And Garden Life Theme, Providing A Brand New Dining Experience For Those Who Enjoy Outdoor Life.





CDG Furniture Has Always Been Committed To Creating Outdoor Furniture With A Sense Of Design And Practicality. As A Star Product Of The CDG Brand, This Outdoor Dining Table Perfectly Integrates Nordic Art Style And Garden Life Theme. The Minimalist Lines, Comfortable Height, And Selected Color Combinations All Present An Ultimate Sense Of Beauty.





In This Series, CDG Furniture Adopts Technological Wood Material, Which Is A Specially Treated Plastic Wood With Anti-Corrosion, Environmental Protection, And Sturdy Characteristics. Therefore, Even Outdoors, The Dining Table Can Withstand Changes In Wind, Rain, Sunlight, And Temperature, Maintaining Long-Term Durability. At The Same Time, The Use Of This Material Also Highlights The Environmental Protection Concept Of The Product, Making Your Outdoor Life More Secure And Comfortable.

New Technology Composite Material – Plastic Wood







The Technology Plastic Wood Table top Is Gradually Becoming A New Favorite In Modern Home Decoration Due To Its Unique Advantages And Excellent Performance. This Innovative Material Combines Exquisite Handmade Craftsmanship With The High-Quality Characteristics Of Selected Aluminum Materials, Not Only Adding A Sense Of Fashion And Beauty To The Home, But Also Bringing An Excellent User Experience.






The Manufacturing Process Of Plastic Wood Table tops Incorporates The Latest Technological Means, Achieving A Perfect Balance Between Practicality, Durability, And Aesthetics Of This Material. Handcrafted, Each Piece Of Plastic Wood Table top Is Meticulously Crafted By Craftsmen, Presenting A Unique Texture And Appearance. The Realistic Wood Grain On Its Surface Makes It Difficult To Distinguish Between True And False.







This New Material Has Excellent Waterproof And Sun Resistance Properties. When Used Outdoors, Whether It’s Strong Sunlight Or Rain, The Plastic Wooden Table top Can Maintain A Fresh Aesthetic. In Addition, Its High Corrosion Resistance And Rust Resistance Are Also A Major Highlight, Even If Exposed To The Natural Environment For A Long Time, There Will Be No Rusting Or Decay.







The Plastic Wood Table top Also Has Excellent Load-Bearing Capacity. Its Sturdy Texture Can Withstand The Weight Of Various Daily Necessities, Even Large Outdoor Furniture. At The Same Time, This Material Is Also Easy To Clean And Can Be Restored By Wiping With A Damp Cloth.







In Terms Of Resistance, The Plastic Wood Table top Also Performs Well. Even When Used In Harsh Environments, It Will Not Be Easily Damaged. Its Excellent Durability And Corrosion Resistance Enable The Plastic Wood Table top To Maintain Stable Performance Under Various Climatic Conditions.







Overall, The New Technology Composite Material – Plastic Wood Table top Is A Home Decoration Material That Integrates Aesthetics, Practicality, And Durability. Its Excellent Waterproof, Sun Resistant, Load-Bearing Capacity, And Corrosion Resistance Make It An Ideal Choice For Modern Outdoor Home Decoration. The Exquisite Craftsmanship Of Handmade And The High-Quality Characteristics Of Selected Aluminum Materials Endow It With High Beauty And Realistic Wood Grain Effects, Adding A Unique Aesthetic To Your Home.

Innovative Quality Outdoor Dining Table




Using Technology Plastic Wood As The Table top, Redefined The Experience Of Outdoor Dining. The Design Inspiration Of This Dining Table Comes From A Deep Understanding And Respect For Outdoor Life, And Every Inch Of Its Material And Manufacturing Process Is Filled With A Sense Of Technology And Practicality.




Technology Plastic Wood, A New Type Of Environmentally Friendly Material, Has Become The Ideal Choice For Jamey Outdoor Dining Tables Due To Its Unique High-Temperature Resistance Characteristics. Compared With Traditional Wood, Technology Molded Wood Is Less Prone To Cracking And Deformation Under High Temperatures, And Can Even Remain In Its Original State Under Sunlight Exposure And Rainwater Erosion, Ensuring Comfort And Durability For Outdoor Dining. Traditional Wood Materials, On The Other Hand, Are Prone To Cracking And Aging In Complex Outdoor Environments, Making It Difficult To Maintain Aesthetics And Practicality For A Long Time.




In Addition To The Exquisite Material Of The Table top, The Frame Of The CDG Outdoor Dining Table Has Also Been Carefully Designed And Produced. The Thickened Aluminum Material Makes The Frame More Sturdy And Durable, Significantly Enhancing Its Load-Bearing Capacity. The Outdoor Car Baking Process Used On The Surface Adds Unique Durability To The Frame. This Paint Material Has Characteristics Such As Rust Prevention, Corrosion Resistance, High Temperature Resistance, And Wear Resistance, Which Enables The Frame Of The Dining Table To Remain Bright And New In Harsh Outdoor Environments, Greatly Enhancing Its Durability.




Compared To Ordinary Iron Materials, The Use Of Thickened Aluminum Materials And Outdoor Car Baking Paint Gives CDG Outdoor Dining Tables More Advantages. Iron Materials Are Prone To Rust And Have Poor Corrosion Resistance In Outdoor Environments, While Aluminum Materials Have Better Corrosion Resistance And Durability. These Characteristics Enable The Jamie Outdoor Dining Table To Function For A Longer Time In Outdoor Environments, Providing A More Lasting And Comfortable Experience.




Overall, From Technological Wooden Table tops To Thickened Aluminum Frames, To The Use Of Outdoor Car Paint, CDG’S Innovative Quality Outdoor Dining Tables Are Filled With A Sense Of Technology And Practicality In All Aspects. Its Design Philosophy And Exquisite Craftsmanship Fully Demonstrate CDG Deep Understanding And Respect For Outdoor Life. The Emergence Of This Dining Table Undoubtedly Brings A New Experience To Outdoor Dining, Not Only Improving The Comfort Of Outdoor Dining, But Also Ensuring Its Long-Term Durability And Practicality. For Those Who Love Outdoor Life, CDG’S Innovative Quality Outdoor Dining Table Is Undoubtedly A Practical And Fashionable Work Worth Having.

Material Upgrade

Technological Plastic Wood Has Excellent Mechanical Properties And Can Withstand Various Outdoor Environments. At The Same Time, Its Aesthetics And Texture Are No Less Than Traditional Wood. The Technology Plastic Wood Countertop Has Undergone Special Processing, And Its Structure Is Sturdy And Durable, Which Can Withstand The Influence Of Various Outdoor Environments.

Compared To Traditional Wood, Technology Molded Wooden Countertops Are Easier To Maintain And Do Not Require Tedious Maintenance Tasks Such As Painting And Waxing, Making Them Convenient And Worry Free.

The Technology Plastic Wood Countertop Also Has Characteristics Such As Insect And Mold Resistance, Making It Safe And Reliable To Use Outdoors. The Technology Plastic Wood Countertop Has Good Sun Protection And Heat Resistance, Which Can Withstand Prolonged Exposure To Sunlight And Rain, And Is Not Prone To Cracking, Deformation, And Other Problems.

The Countertop Of Technology Plastic Wood Is Relatively Light In Weight, Making It Easy To Handle And Install. During Outdoor Use, Simply Rinse With Water To Keep It Clean And Tidy, Without The Need For Any Chemical Cleaning Agents.

Thickened Aluminum Frame

The Use Of Thickened Aluminum As A Frame For Outdoor Dining Tables Has Many Advantages. Firstly, Thickened Aluminum Material Has High Strength And Stability, Which Can Effectively Increase The Load-Bearing Capacity Of The Frame. Secondly, The Thickened Aluminum Material Also Has Excellent Deformation Resistance, Allowing The Dining Table Frame To Maintain Its Original Shape Under Various Environmental Conditions.

In Addition, The Thickened Aluminum Frame Also Has Corrosion Resistance, Wear Resistance, Aging Resistance And Other Characteristics, Making The Service Life Of The Dining Table Frame Longer, Without Frequent Replacement And Maintenance.

3C Certified Adjustable Anti Slip Foot Pad

The Use Environment Of Outdoor Dining Tables Is Relatively Complex, And The Ground May Be Uneven, Sandy, And Other Conditions. Therefore, It Is Necessary To Use Adjustable Anti Slip Foot Mats To Fix The Dining Table To Avoid Sliding And Shaking.

At The Same Time, Anti Slip Foot Mats Can Also Play A Role In Shock Absorption, Reducing The Impact And Damage Caused By External Factors On The Dining Table, Effectively Ensuring The Safety Performance And Service Life Of The Dining Table.

Hardness Upgrade

Even If You Pick Up A Hammer And Hit A Stone On The Table, You Don’t Have To Worry About The Table. When The Hammer Fell, The Stone Shattered On The Tabletop Without Any Damage. The Hardness And Quality Of The Technology Plastic Wood Countertop Are Strictly Controlled.

Of Course, In Addition To Resisting The “Critical Strike” Of The Hammer, The Durability Of The Technology Molded Wooden Countertop Is Also Reflected In Other Aspects. For Example, It Also Has High Resistance To Scratches From Various Sharp Tools. Even If You Accidentally Scratch The Table With A Knife, It Will Not Leave Any Marks. Even If An Electric Drill Is Used To Drill On The Desktop, It Will Not Be Easily Broken Down. This High Hardness And Scratch Resistance Enable This Table To Withstand Various Tests In Daily Use And Maintain A Fresh Aesthetic.

The Practicality Of The Table Is Also An Important Factor For Users To Consider. Compared To Traditional Desktops, The Easy Cleaning Of Technology Molded Wooden Countertops Makes Them More Worry Free. Simply Wipe Lightly With A Damp Cloth And The Desktop Will Be Restored Clean Without Leaving Any Marks. This Simple And Easy To Clean Feature Makes This Table More Hassle Free In Daily Use.

Enjoy Delicious Food, Work, Reading, Or Entertainment On This Technological Wooden Countertop Outdoor Dining Table. Whether It’s Picnicking In The Sun Or Tasting Tea On Rainy Days, This Table With Top-Notch Hardness And Quality Can Provide Them With A Comfortable, Stable, And Aesthetically Pleasing Outdoor Space.

Color And Style Selection  Free Matching

The Outdoor Dining Table Series Of CDG Furniture Is A Unique And Practical Product That Offers A Variety Of Desktop Effects And Table Frame Styles, Allowing Customers To Freely Match Their Favorite Outdoor Dining Chairs And Tables. The Products Of This Series Are Made Of High-Quality Materials, Which Have The Characteristics Of Anti-Corrosion, Rust Prevention, Sun Protection, And Waterproofing, Making Them Very Suitable For Outdoor Use.


In Terms Of Desktop Effects, CDG Furniture Offers Two Options: Regular Athens Grey And Oak Wood Grain, Adding Elegance And Natural Beauty To The Outdoor Dining Environment.

The Athenian Gray Tabletop Presents A Light And Peaceful Tone, Giving A Refreshing Feeling. This Color Selection Is Not Only Durable, But Also Well Integrated Into Various Outdoor Environments, Adding A Touch Of Brightness To Outdoor Activities For Families Or Teams. At The Same Time, The Athens Grey Tabletop Feels Comfortable And Does Not Cause Skin Irritation, Making Diners Feel Cool And Comfortable Even In Summer Sunlight.

The Oak Grain Tabletop Presents A Rich Natural Style, Making People Feel The Warmth And Harmony Of Nature. This Choice Imitates The Texture And Color Of Oak, Making The Desktop Look More Vivid And Realistic. When Used Outdoors, The Oak Textured Desktop Can Better Blend Into The Natural Environment, Forming A Beautiful Landscape With The Surrounding Trees And Flowers. At The Same Time, The Oak Wood Texture Of The Desktop Is Also Very Comfortable, Allowing People To Feel The Natural And Real Nature Of Solid Wood.


CDG Outdoor Dining Table Series Also Offers Two Table Frame Styles: Cross Legged And Independent Four Legged, Allowing Customers To Freely Match According To Their Preferences And Needs.

The Cross Legged Rice Shaped Design Is A Very Classic Table Leg Style, With A Simple And Elegant Design, Smooth Lines, And A Sense Of Stability. This Style Of Table Legs Is Very Sturdy And Can Provide Stable Support For The Table. In Outdoor Environments, Whether On Flat Or Uneven Ground, The Cross Legged Shape Of The Rice Character Can Ensure The Stability Of The Table And Dining Chair.

Independent Four Legs Are Another Very Practical Table Frame Style. The Design Of This Style Is Also Very Sturdy, With Each Leg Supporting The Weight Of The Table, Making It More Stable. Compared To The Cross Legged Design, The Independent Four Legged Design Is More Flexible And Can Be Freely Adjusted According To Different Terrains And Environments. On Uneven Ground Or Sand, Independent Four Legs Can Make The Table More Stable, Without Causing It To Tilt Or Sway Due To The Unevenness Of The Ground.

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