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Classic Vintage Colourful Cross Back Chairs And Table Set Used For The Stirling Arms Hotel

Location: Australia

Items Used in this Project:

Chair: 657S-H45-ALU & 657-H75-ALU, 664S-H45-ALU

Table: Customized Outdoor Dining Table And Bar Table

Time: Project completed in May, 2021

Built in 1852, The Stirling Arms has a rich history as one of the oldest pubs in Western Australia. The Stirling Arms is your gateway to the food and wine scene of WA’s Swan Valley. A one-stop shop for all customers wining, dining, and lodging needs. They’ve created a hub of tasty food, great drinks, local rewards and a whole lot of fun.

The Stirling Arms Hotel offer accommodation, casual dining, event spaces, a wedding venue, and Guildford’s best value drinks – combines a hint of glamour with everything you love about your favourite local pub.

CDG Furniture brings a unique dining environment to The Stirling Arms Hotel with its Classic Vintage Colourful Cross Back Chairs And Table Set products. These chairs and table set, with their exquisite craftsmanship and retro design, not only showcase the hotel’s unique taste, but also create a comfortable and warm dining atmosphere for customers. In daily operations, these chairs and table set are powerful assistants for the hotel to receive customers for lunch and dinner. Whether it’s a simple lunch time or a romantic dinner time, customers can enjoy the dual pleasure of food and environment here.

On special days such as grand weddings, melodious concerts, or other gatherings and performances, CDG furniture’s Classic Vintage Colourful Cross Back Chairs And Table Set have become an indispensable decorative element. They not only add a unique charm to the event, but also bring unforgettable experiences to the participants. Even more noteworthy is that these chairs and table set are not only suitable for indoor environments, but can also showcase their unique charm even outdoors. Whether hosting an outdoor wedding in the hotel garden or a concert on the lawn square, chairs and table set seamlessly blend in, adding a unique touch of color to the event.




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