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Leather Chairs, Leather Barstools And Alu Vienna Cafe Chairs For Jimmy Joans


Items Used in this Project:
Upholstered Faux Leather Chairs 808-H45-STPU
Upholstered Faux Leather Barstools 808B-H75-STPU
Aluminium Vienna Cafe Chairs 626CS-H45-ALU
Table: Customized Dining Table and Bar Table

In the busy urban life, people always yearn to find a place where they can temporarily relieve stress and enjoy food and gatherings. Jimmy Joans Restaurant is such an ideal place to go. It is not only a restaurant, but also a warm and vibrant social space, allowing every customer to find their own comfortable time here.

The founders of Jimmy Joans Restaurant, Eliza and Thom Boyd, are passionate food and beverage entrepreneurs. They are well aware that for modern people, restaurants are not just places to eat, but also places to relax and enjoy life. Therefore, she decided to create a restaurant that integrates eating, drinking, and relaxation, so that every customer can find a sense of home here.

In order to achieve this vision, Eliza and Thom Boyd personally participated in the design and decoration process of the restaurant. When choosing furniture suppliers, they have extremely high requirements for quality and design sense. CDG furniture has become the preferred choice for Jimmy Joans Restaurant due to its excellent quality and innovative design concepts. The design team of CDG furniture not only has rich industry experience, but also has sharp market insights and artistic creativity. They are able to tailor the most suitable furniture solution based on the positioning and style of TIM restaurants.

For the main dining area of Jimmy Joans Restaurant, CDG furniture has chosen a combination of classic Upholstered Faux Leather Chairs and Aluminium Vienna Cafe chairs. These chairs are known for their simple lines and elegant shapes, which perfectly blend into the overall decoration style of this restaurant. The design inspiration for these chairs comes from classical European furniture, but through modern improvements, they not only retain the classical charm but also meet the aesthetic needs of modern people. Its ergonomic design ensures the comfort of customers during meals, maintaining a relaxed and enjoyable state even during long gatherings.

In the bar area, CDG furniture uses Upholstered Faux Leather Barstools. The design of this chair places greater emphasis on functionality and comfort, with a spacious cushion made of high-density sponge wrapped in faux leather, providing excellent support and allowing customers to relax while tasting fine wine. The choice of leather materials also reflects TIM restaurant’s pursuit of quality. It is not only durable and easy to clean, but over time, it will display a more charming texture.

At Jimmy Joans Restaurant, customers can enjoy 24/7 service from lunch to dinner. Whether it’s sharing a relaxed afternoon with friends or spending a warm dinner with family, Jimmy Joans Restaurant can provide the most suitable atmosphere and service. The existence of CDG furniture has added a lot of points to all of this. It is not only a place for customers to dine, but also a social space full of artistic atmosphere.




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