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Great metal outdoor tables bring comfort and function to your outdoor spaces. Nowadays, the most common metal outdoor tables are aluminum outdoor tables. Aluminum outdoor tables are extremely low maintenance, and when exposed to damp or salty outdoor air, they will not rust like iron or steel, nor will they dry out or crack in the sun like most wooden furniture. CDG Furniture has a large selection of high-quality metal outdoor tables such as aluminum outdoor tables. All of our metal outdoor tables are tested for comfort and durability. In addition, we could provide custom design solutions for various metal outdoor tables according to your business needs.

CDG Furniture offers a wide range of high-quality metal outdoor tables. Built for ultimate durability and yet elegant enough for the most discriminating taste, our metal outdoor tables are a smart and practical choice. In addition, under various weather conditions, our aluminum outdoor tables can maintain good performance.

Aluminum outdoor tables do not rust, which makes them the first choice for residents of coastal cities or areas with high humidity. Besides, aluminum outdoor tables are extremely durable and long-lasting and require very little maintenance. CDG offers a variety of styles of aluminum outdoor tables for you to choose from. From traditional to trendy, you’re sure to find a design that complements your unique style and decor. 

Metal outdoor tables look amazing when new, but can become a point of embarrassment if neglected and allowed to stain. Most metal outdoor tables are easily cleaned in a similar fashion, but each metal has its own characteristics and nuanced care.

1. Lightly spray the metal outdoor tables with a garden hose to wash away the most significant pieces of dirt and debris.

2. Wipe the metal surface with a soft cloth soaked in soapy water

3. Rinse the rag and wipe repeatedly with clean water

4. Dry with a microfiber or low abrasion cloth





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