Patio Chairs

For stylish chairs that can stand the test of time, choose metal patio chairs. Durable aluminum patio chairs are rust-resistant, lightweight, and available in a wide range of designs. On the other hand, CDG aluminum patio chairs can withstand all weather conditions so you can enjoy years of outdoor use. At CDG Furniture, we offer metal patio chairs that add color and comfort to the decor of your porch, patio, or poolside. With many metal patio chairs to choose from, you are assured to find one that suits your decorating style.

Patio furniture makes a wonderful addition to a home’s outdoor space by creating a relaxing place for family and friends to gather. When choosing the perfect patio chair for your home, it's wise to consider not only the type of look you want but also the overall durability of the furniture itself. If you decide to use metal patio chairs, rather than wood or resin, aluminum patio chairs are one of the best options. Metal patio chairs outperform other common materials in several ways, including versatility, strength, weight, and the level of maintenance required.

Although it is recommended that you store metal patio chairs in a dry place during the winter or rainy season to keep their finish looking good, you don’t have to worry about the elements breaking down the structure of the furniture itself. This goes for rain, snow, and the sun’s ultraviolet rays as well. Aluminum patio chairs hold up well as outdoor furniture in all kinds of conditions. Besides, the nature of aluminum means it won't rust. This means no rust stains on your aluminum patio chairs and no breakdown of the pieces because of rusting joints or legs. The lack of rust on aluminum patio chairs is a benefit no matter where you are.

Because of their natural strength and inability to rust, aluminum patio chairs don't require much maintenance or cleaning. You can occasionally spray it down with a hose or wipe it with a damp rag and a mild soap solution to clean it off, and that’s about all there is to it. Aluminum patio chairs require minimal maintenance to stay in top condition all year round.





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